Yazidi Girls: Prisoners of ISIS

Three young Yazidi women who were captured and enslaved by ISIS share their stories for the first time. This film was directed by Reber Dosky and is part of The Atlantic Selects, a showcase of short documentaries curated by The Atlantic.

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I had a girl at elementary school and she was a really good friend... my parents even took her to a trip with us sometimes because she only lived with her mom who was sick (chronic fatigue syndrome). I went shopping with her or to a blockbuster (I feel old) because her mom couldn't as she got tired very easily and soon. Then, the twins come to our school... everyone wanted to be their friend (I still don't know why), but of course... who wanted to be their friend couldn't be mine. This friend didn't want to loose me tho, so she played both sides. She was with them more often tho.. once we met in a bathroom and she told me that if they ever see us talking.. she's dead for them. So, I was left alone... no one wanted to be my friend while they laughed and bullied me. I don't really like talking about things i've been thru but whatever

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You don't have to have the same blood to love them as a family, but just love them because they raised you and took care of you the way a family does. Family is to love, and you should be grateful that you have a family instead of living the way you could've lived (which might not be as good as it seems), if your adoptive parents didn't reach out for you.

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I'm writing this in 2016 so I just wanna say hello to the people who will watch this in 2020 or something



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If you played Max Payne you would know you die very fast and unarmored targets can be killed in one headshot but there are armored enemies that are a BITCH to kill. So I'd imagine that the NOOSE and Military will be heavily armored. Also, tanks are confirmed. CoD takes no strategy while Max Payne 3 and even GTA IV took tons of strategy, my only complaint with GTA V is that it looks like you do not get a red screen when shot which really annoyed me in GTA IV. Don't worry though, buddy.

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I think that exactly this "Schrödinger's Cat" might be a peak to what they were working on while creating Bioshock Infinite. Or maybe perhaps that's what inspired them.

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Honestly i can relate and once I'm dating someone my anxiety is on a whole other level when I'm around them, because i get butterflies in My stomach and i really hate that feeling because i feel really sick around them the whole time and my anxiety convinces myself to break up with them so i can feel better and i do break up with them but i never feel good, sometimes i think i will die alone

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