George Carlin - on some cultural issues REACTION! EVERYTHING HE SAID IS HAPPENING TODAY!!! WOW!

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Zooom Zang



Guru dont have you have some news to tell everybody?

Wendy Balas

Why did ty do all the shots

gwiyeo noona

clicked this because i can relate HAHAHAH

RC 11559


Ananya Tripathi

How many hours do practice guys? You are amazing

NirmyWizard -SammiiCake



I really should begin to watch pro wrestling. I will do so eventually in the name of JOHN CENA!!!!!!

Ruben Simien


Laura Andrews

try to drop a basketball off the very top of the football stadem

Donovan Mullen

the last one is crazy!! its from nuketown and nuketown 2025

If the tail is nowhere to be found, stay near the rest of the wreckage, that's the second thing investigators look for and it's usually found within a day or 2 thanks to GPS and radar


Bioshock Infinite ruined

Kawaii Lemon

What is deported mean?

f oey

nice video for a comeback .mrbean

Xbox Player

Poor panda


did you mute your guys voice at around 0:50? are you not allowed to reveal it yet?


no a million of people know about that

You weren't out there thuggin' with the killers, you was terrified

mimi mi

Hi Joseph

Miss Epic

Whatever man lol 😂😂😂🎈😂😂😂

Peyton Cole

all of these videos just show a sad future


5:15 what ksi mumbled🤣🤣

"Its settled now"

Emma McCarthy


Annabelle Balsiger

Kylie:goes to work has a normal life

ZabuGD `


obviously Logic

Are we really talking about world fucking war 3???


you should name this channel 'japanese tasty'. 70% of contents are japanese food & 30% are others. Is this because tasty producer is japanese?

1 7

Imagine a video with everything that fails off this tricks...

Cole Baptist


Łìńxÿlinx56 :3

Yay someone nice to save a sad soul with a bad boyfriend! Good job kid!

Alex Stewart

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂like if you found a difference

Prisha Parekh

Wow this is touching , I hope this person get regnonition for this . ... this is so mesmerizing, just to think there is some one trying to get people's awareness for this!!

Ryan Hanford

please tell me that that wasn't a grenade

Ogi the sergal

Dude, just turn off the vibrating option in your phone settings......

nic smith

got beaten LOLOLOL

Moona Nikunen

What happend to foster parents?



Guy: i tHINK mOTo mOTO liKE'S yoU!

Fantasy Girl

Just an advice, try to use a surrogate mother

Brent Ryan



Finally some real science

Violett Reyes

OCD triggered at 4:43

Perry Hollingsworth

Dallas cowboys

Jacob McFarland

I like how these all have a little thing you can take as a souvenir, like the dudes bandana, the "postman's" hat