Mosab Hassan Yousef vs. Imam Jihad Turk @ The Museum of Tolerance

Click here for part 2: 6 of 6 of the YPO/WPO event @ the Museum of Tolerance on March 15, 2012Audience Q&AFeaturing Mosab Hassan Yousef, Imam Jihad Turk, Reverend Canon Brian Cox, and Rabbi Mark DiamondModerated by Michael ZachariaVideography and Editing by Viva Videography.Mosab Hassan Yousef. Imam Jihad Turk. Muhamed. Mohammed. Islam. Christian. Jewish. Koran. Quran. Religious extremism. debate. museum of tolerance. muhammed. moses. jacos. isaac. abraham. israel. prophet muhammed.

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What a beautiful story I hope God gives a happier life with your mother and hope that north Korea understands what people think about their own country and the God as a failure (in their country)and I am happy to see you as a educated and hope that your father is happy of what you have done was the bravest thing I have ever seen or ever heard and if he had caught you he or they will get bad luck

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