LET'S ARGUE: Minecraft Music Beats 90% of Other Music

Other topics include Maroon 5's upcoming Super Bowl halftime show being a national tragedy, and it being impossible to name a Vic Mensa song.Follow your melon:Twitter: @afantanoFB:


That's only true with the simpsons hit and run. The other games are ok.

Blinding 'Light

Only take nudes if youre going to make a lot of money off of it


Side note: that shark diver got SHARKED!

The Pro

Awesome, im one of the first :p

Iron Man 3000

4:47 What is Ty doing

Micah Molden

i only watch for the rages!


Next Level Movie Promotion

Nikola Vuckovic

Name song on 1:30 pls?


Davide Speziali

Your voice is ahhh

Morgan Koncilia

I don’t care how old i am, i’m going to see this movie cuz i need answers

Darryl Eyre

How long did you practice for to make these shots that hole in one I salute you sir absolutely brilliant

Brian Deforest

My friend was born july 19th


That's so expensive and khmers because I am one

po yo

romeo and juliet part are fucked up bro...


This is Drakes song now




So Elsa got a Patronus and I’m very excited

but I think it's a bit weird; -;7

Master of Disaster

God of war > Halo

Davis Adventures

comment your favorite shot. mine is 1:05

- SeleneKittenオンライン -

our land.