The Spread of Christianity: Part 2 (1000-2016)

Watch as Christianity spreads from Europe across the world during the last millennium.-----------------------------------------------Thumboy's channel: Martikainen - New Dawn RisingPeter Crowley - Conquest of the Se

The Great Papyrus

Hey dude, im a fan of your videos and i want to ask you something, you will not upload the easter eggs of "South Park: the stick of truth"?, it's just a question...

Tim & my dog Elsie

Play with Scot sterling next and see if he saves everything eith his face

JTSR ebel

Sponge man

Nathan Renga

blood & wine, at toussaint city near The Gran Place signboard, walkway between 2 walls, there have chimera (monster from god of war 3) painting.. god of war reference

Mom: get those stupid air pods out of you ears.

Viana Burt

Jesus christ first the 9/11 then this?

niclas arnold

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Mattia Toffanin

Anyone else here in 2030?

SHooketh London


Noah Schneider

Check out our shots please!

kim tae tae

2:00 nsfw

"Well.. ok you must have" Asma


this is SO PURE!!!!! we know your name from Brazil!!! 🇧🇷

Jake LaCombe

Rainbow six siege:

Chiwawah AJ

He's literally Harry Potter.

Friends friends

tolga özsoy


John Mehari


aya tahery

Ah Wili Wili what your mother will say. Don't kiss a boy. He should have kissed you on your forehead to show respect.

Scott Lynch, Tales of the Far West

fredbear perductions

it sounds like oh shit I stink

100 subscribers without a video challenge

I thought buddy was gonna die when his wife's message popped up. Nice, he lives. For now :)


Are u guys sure that's a panda? I think it must be a cheetah wearing a panda costume.

Crabby Crab

When you basically hated the first one but want to see the second one

The Ghostface

😂 the last of us




In redfiction easter egg is saints row 2 bunny ;P

S_O_G_4 5

2019 Anyone?

Kãhćä Råthãmøńë

This is like my mom's story. He was born way too early he was 3.2 lbs and now has to have a feeding tube.



Ethan Raptor

6:55 The controller though on his screen I mean come on is that the latest PS4 controller

Savage_Ryan 24

I am

Jessi Gottlieb