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I've been disciplined before and nothing had ever happend. me so like, w0t?

Samuel Deighan

Shes torn after losing her husband

sasara san

Frank Calcagno

The red shirt and black looks like the same kinda


Good catch with the deer in the snow painting

Sky TheWitcher

I can just tell from this video, you are a satirical and sarcastic man. I like it.


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Pardeep Singh Beela

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you are lit guys

Sergei Nathanael Woen

Egg ception



오지고 지리고 레릿고

Liz B

Even as a ( now ) old adult, I csn really relate to this story, because ot os EXACTLY how I felt after MY grandpsrents passed away. Thru were the ONLY ones on the world who really loved me snd saw any good possibilities and gifts in me, who largely brought me up and constantly told the rest of my family and acquaintsnces, that I'd amount to something one day, wbere everyone else,! just saw me a a nuisance and a stupid little girl with no brain.

Your childhood

Walle is obviously Disney's fav carácter look at this WA113

glen glen

the coach just ruined his career

Mike W

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Alejandro Jiménez

Awesome video as always my friend, I don't know if it's a good idea to say this... but I hope you don't change nor the format nor the edition on your videos, I think they're one of the best among youtubers, and as always thanks for the effort :)


flip someone


this goes so hard

tricky TP

Make video on cycle stunt

Andres Valle

how do you find all those easter eggs?

Noah Schneider

Check out our trick shots!!

Doyle Dynamite17

Who else is in 2019 and I bet they never thought they would be this famous well don’t dude perfect gg


I have anxiety depression and anger issues

Samuel Scholer

And then there´s me, tripping over my own soccer ball

Right beneath my skin

xoan cabado

mrs fuckface xdd

Ian O'Connor

Jason Belmont is so talented at bowling

the blayde meister

wow I remember watching that episode of twilight zone he ended up trying to kill himself lol

Corrupt_Jess_ Playz

I have a problem, I feel bad, but I can’t cry

Saphe Ahmed

your cool

レム REM

In the basement with all the game references, There was a eagle that looked suspiciously like the eagle from Far cry 4, or the owl from Primal


Maan that editing 😍😍

tj Howard

Every comment be like who's watching this in 2016


Awesome thanks


Wow a wrench... gotta be an easter egg

Tears_of_pain {crybaby}

I have a depression from a long time 😕but my family still don’t get it actually they make it worse and I always say to myself I wanna die I have had enough but I ask myself will people miss me if die😞....all I can say is..goodbye shitty world😣😖......but I'm scared of dying.. it’s like I cry every single second in the day I’m sick of it all😭💔

Braxtyn Neyman

The sweaty guy

Blake Griffith

I love this video