The Incel Forum is Back... AGAIN

It would be funny if it weren't so sadMERCH: GANG=====Wilbur: MEDIA=====Music:


oll was dificul and epic and then the ending....


I was not prepared on that first one. I'm always not prepared...

Pokéhita Van Dork

Came for the story, stayed for the art ^^


Can’t believe those who put dislikes at dude perfects videos

Inferno Gamer YT

Cory is last XD

Marcy Newton

I have not herd of or said I’ll shoot your eye out

Jk ...

Dylan Paul

Ty you duck


Continue your work, which I admire so much!


you sly man putting dj khaled on the nameplate


Cuts through it like its grass

Michelle Llamas

Wow the only Lele Pons video I actually liked.

jenn Mcneill

2019 anyone

8. Cant think straight and can't concentrate,

Matt James

So instead of working on fixing the ranked mode. They've been working on a whole new game that will barely be played

Luck Refresh

Coby will never win

Tim Curtin

check out my trick shot video


Lol it says BATTLEFIELD easter eggs but i see a CALL OF DUTY easter egg

Joanna Middendorp

Hila is a goddess and a beast! My first labor was 43 hours.

Rolando Anaya

They should make a video with Stephen curry

Nicholas King

If you are a powerful level before you visit the last one, the sword is blue!


Thats some fake shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mofa preneur

Yang Indo mana suaranya?

powergodz gaming

Honey collecting battle

But in 9th grade I got one so bad that I woke up and couldn't see anything. All I saw was whiteness. My head felt heavy. I got up from my bed and attempted to walk to my door but my legs gave out and I smacked my face into my door, breaking my nose and tooth in the process. My parents heard the noise I made smacking my face into the door (and it was LOUD) and came in to me laying on the floor in a daze. I didn't go to school because of my period for 4 days because I kept almost passing out. I didn't eat for 2 days because of the nausea. Same thing happened this year, in 10th grade, back in April. I woke up, was gonna pass out but made it to the kitchen, and almost threw up. Didn't eat for a couple days (I know starving yourself is unhealthy but bare with me I have a fear of throwing up). And I have a fear of my own periods now. It should have come last week buuuuuut still hasn't.

Number Five

We got the original cast alright

Carrie Harlow

these are absolutely addictive

you Fuck

I'm in the toilet while watching this video :V


You could make number one

Bryner Chavez


Pratham Jain

Tyler u r a jerk and a loser... Jerk 😂😂

Nick Burgnon

the still alive record made me smile

Letolah Titanides

That's so me! I have lots of fun with myself and I think I'll be a bibliophile (someone who likes books) for the rest of my life :)



Sgt. Jeff

Anna: I wOn't LeT aNyThInG hApPeN tO hErElsa: fucken dies

Noah Hanks

Yall need to parachute out of a plane and try to make a goal with a basket ball


Joe: Asks about favorite 97s

Shantel Orpilla

You guys should make bloopers for air plane trick shots and 2

General UwU

Last to stop eating gushers wins 10k PoOF

Lokesh sannidhi

1like = team of cobt