The Fault In Our Stars I Birdy -- Not About Angels I Official Video

From 'The Fault In Our Stars' Movie Soundtrack - Download here: Lies’ The New Album - Out NowAmazon - by Elliott SellersProd. Co. Doomsday EntGet Bird's album 'Fire Within' now:Download here: here: Birdy:

Michael Wettlaufer


Ava Smith

We love your vids keep doing it

J Man 11711


I Hit Dingerz

The music perfectly times up with the shots.

Tom Fry

because cameras can get high too

Nic Alt

Fuck yes now remake it too!

Yeye Glez

is ameising

Anthony Colby

Zombies was all a troll! :o


Too bad they can't count to 3.

Samantha Fontaine


HowToBePerfect Sike!!!!

Team Coby all the way ❗️❗️❗️❗️


She must have a big ass

I’m sorry that you’re in so much pain.



Zi long / Yun zhao

Im a trashtalker.On multiplayer I kinda just call my teammates some bad stuff whenever we lose.

He said he is sick and is going to kill himself if I didn't send him those pictures. I went to the internet to find some pictures and send them to him. But later he asked for more. He even wanted me to make a video where I did something absolutely disgusting. I refused. I am happy I did. Acting like the picture's are from me is worse enough. Boy : is born with iron nuts


4:05 she’s watching peppa pig 🤙🏽✅