The Daily Show - Reza Aslan

Religious scholar and "Zealot" author Reza Aslan describes how religion is malleable and can be interpreted in both violent and peaceful ways.* Watch the latest full episode of The Daily Show on and the CC app:

Hotel?, trivago


I am definitely Mr. Excuses

Bia - tch

In wrech it wralph there also is an konami code EE

Mathys Langlais

Blocked in my contry too :(:(

Jayden Dameron

you guys are a fake

CEC and Nintendo Queen

Well, I don’t like the teaser...but this trailer’s just more snowy fun here! ❄️ ⛄️

Kama Kozzie

Funny i found my first daedric sword in the abandoned house

Brian Osborne

Guru confirmed weeaboo

Lars Fornacon

The snowman smokes weed everyday

Ashley Lightfoot

Where was The Rage monster

Isabella Komant

I'm gonna give your fish a high five-Tyler 2015

PuffyFries 1

3012 anyone



99% meme

The Rogueshadow75

I think with the Stanley Parable easter egg, it's a lot like portal and rattman. Throughout Portal, you are given the thought that the only people in Aperture labs are you and GLaDos. Only, they weren't.

Thanks for likes

m a g i c


Olivia Roberts

I relate to this a lot.


why is tyler always rage monster some else can be it

Mike Fernandez

Thank you for posting this amazing video. I have a very different view on death now.

Ayden Russell

Ayden. Tnevwtorusth

Soon Jung Chung

Honestly literally all of Stoker is asmr

Crishawn Gamez

"We gotta be quiet,they're doing quiet stretches" 3 to 5 seconds later Yeaàaaaa!!!!!!

Andrijana Kapular


joke 101

Comment below

MsM Space

I never new the author of Harry Potter used to be homeless

Ryan Ostertag

Mr Squirrel

Panda Ambush


No Guru little review ?! I feel disappointed...

Rynier Isaac

Bill gates story please

Bri Omelette

I... Still don't like open relationships. Like all to other people if they wanna do it but me personally, I just see it as dirty and selfish and not loyal. Probably because the people I have met that do open relationships, it's just purely about sex with them and they just want more than one sexual partner. I'd rather spend a while trying to find someone who can support me and I can support them and be loyal to that one person than be with someone, but we can't emotionally support one another so we seek others.

Hadiyah CP


Funyun 11

The last one was funny

Saskia Cormack

me too bro

Clément Bordron

It's don't a car rc.. it's plane 😭😂

Em0 Chan

Shes sounds on the verge of crying

Mel V.


Shurland alves

As a real fan of the sport I wish kd does not play at all in this finals because since he went out the narrative was warriors r better without him so if that’s the case then let them come bk from that 3 -1 deficits without him and win

-lag _bot-

So, no homo right?

Mildred Sta. Maria

Ping ping sing song little stat

Master strange

Fucking illuminate movie can't wait to see all the fucking illuminate shit there going to put.



Zac Peck

Where is this thing today?? Still there or some one used it for firewood


Fucking awesome! This dude can make a lot money, he should tell the pussies in NBA to get the fuck out. I wanna see them try this for they hefty wages they get.

Pablo E

Why NA has to call anything different...the metric system, soccer, football with hands....

Husky Sama

My mom said it didn't hurt that much tho lmao

Stefan Kljaic

Now do the exact same thing except for a blimp or a plane like they did :)

Ian Dog

That eye looks bad, he wont be able to see out of it for a good couple weeks i would think.

Tricia Carroll

The icicle knife is a reference to team fortress 2.its called the spycicle

Dom Amato

Did Lil Tjay dirty fam!!

chun lam

Dude perfect should throw at more of a farer distance.

Bad Bunny otro level con este temón!!!

Tae HA


Charlie C

I found him once outside Whiterun - I had only just got the game and I had no idea what it was!


i bet they dident drive backwards