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Watch the funniest and worst auditions from week 3 on America's Got Talent 2019Including performances by:Dom ChambersYuriyan RetrieverKevin SchwartzTyler-Butler FigueroaMichael PaulEdson and LeonMarina MazepaCharlotte SummersCarmen CarterSethwardMackenzieWatch more America's Got Talent:Subscribe to Got Talent Global: Watch more Got Talent Global videos: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

Raptors Supper Fan

The archery swisher

Anahi Corona

She’s at least 16 weeks because the doctor said they could do the generic test which can only be done after 16 weeks .

Johan Lucas Grüner

Was it a first try shot?

NorwayTrampoline Pro

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Caden Gousetis

Terrible back ground music


Oh she a bad bitch ❤️

Nick Lopez

why didn't you shoot the ufo?



krithika ganesan


Kelly Flake

I had to watch a minute eloquis add befor watching this

Logan Cox

not fake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shay ?!

I got a sweet little Christmas ad for a March...during this video 😂

Fanatic Francis

Never clicked this fast before. 😂

Rick Morris

The arcade machine that is loaded with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is by far my favourite. Not sure which mission i found it in. There are probably a few dotted around DC.

Gamer boy

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Ömer Çelik

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Das Klo

Germany will win the WM

Igor Red

On Jill's desk there's a picture.

aran athens

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Sajeev Kurup


Will Barrett

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Charbel Akiki



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•ᗰOᑕᕼIᖇOᔕE• :3

PEvert For that PE teacher And Guru cements himself as the easter egg god with a video about those details and secrets.

Meena Supnekar

Not liked . illogical and no perfect end😑😔😞😟😞😞😖

James Lee

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Techno Android


a skinny bitch*

this has to be the saddest one i’ve watch man ):

Natanael Simón Santiago

Viva España

Alexander Stantzsch


Nicholas Helms

lol wi th the easter egg that said hi

Bobamaster48 Stone

Cody’s baseball fail! I mean come on!

MarieFe Sini

Awww Guilermo is missing Bron-bron ehhh😂😂😂

Thunder _1530

I saw some of those but didn't know if I was triping


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Zunami Official

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"If you do (this or that), it will end quick."