The SCIENCE! - WTF is wrong with lightsabers in Star Wars?

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so wheel unfortunate has to be rigged, what if tye's name is called, who would be the host???


JJ Watt


You guys are great but u can kind of be over celebraters

Harvey Lee


Griffin Grimes

Check out my bball trick shot vids our second one is prob better

Ty S

I've seen a lot of your vids and I must say that this was UR best one I have seen keep on keepin on


So we're going to just glace over the fact that there were tits in this video?

Louis Choi

1:06 fail

Plush Doge

I’m the forgets my cup guy

Was the first team edge video I saw today. 😂

Tor Nilsson





2:38 Why did you X out shame and freak but not crazy..


Episode 100 - Best Easter Egg from Every game in the serie? ;)

Avery Martin

I've flunked out of school with an A-

Literally no one Wrong again. Everyone who spends money, does still pay taxes. In order to finance basic income we abolish the massive administration consts of i.e. means testing. Most of the current benefits will be replaced by basic income and the rich (who benefit the most from exponential growth of their wealth) will have to contribute a little more than they do now. Please don't imply the regular citizen will have any financial disadvantage, this is not true.

Bobby Ewing

panda needs to dab lol


i smashed the 2 class files that spawn the enderdragon in pre release 4 but when i put them in pre release 5 and start the game the game goes on black screen. help me! i deleted my meta-inf foldier but it keeps doing it!

-State-wide emergency issued. Please stay indoors until instructed further. Avoid unecessary travel.


Kappa isn't really that scary to me lol.

Roc Goulburn

If You Want Views

Mini Masher

He's not like other guys

Vision Rudy

Yoo this vid changed me