Modern Classics Summarized: Lord Of The Flies

Well well well. Well well. Well.I HATE THIS BOOK.In today's exciting episode, watch a group of stranded preteens become paranoid and homicidal when isolated from a society that apparently only barely manages to suppress the seething cauldron of homicidal instincts roiling just below the surface.NOTE FROM RED: I'm working on Journey To The West part 3, I promise! I've just had to juggle a few projects at once for the past week, including drawing a music video for another channel entirely. Don't worry, more good stuff is on the way. c:

daniel you a poop

Wow this is dope


Saints Row just sucks.

Haruna Dukuray


Moulies Raghanvan

whos watching in 2018

Mom: Go to school honey

Brown Simmer Girl

I love this

windowsfreak super

Cyberpunk 2077:

Owen Bates

Please do Robert Downey Jr next that would honestly be great

Hella Sticky

While I’m definitely not having a child anytime soon, as I’m not even eighteen, this made me salivate out of my eyes. My mum only told me less than a year ago that she had miscarried before. I’d only thought that she’d only had me, my half brother, and my half sister, but I was wrong. She’s aborted two, miscarried once, and has had another child who was adopted, since he was born while my mum was in prison. Not only the thoughts of how my mother felt when she miscarried made me cry, but more so the emotions that any mother would’ve felt, and the detail in the way she described it made me eye-sweat. My heart goes out to anyone who’s suffered a miscarriage out there.

P.S how do you find most of the tiny objects for Easter eggs?

I guess my sister is suffering with depression, because of her.

Gay Octopus42

dont worry my crush called me a salmon

Oren Bush

Can you do eater eggs in Adventure Time because I swear there have to be some there.

OMG IT made me jump Was not expecting that

Lucas Delfino

10/10 good job

Hotel fire Team

4:36 deforestation be like

Megan Friesen

“I’m not saying there is anything wrong with sexting” ya know what. It’s just plain wrong

Shotty Fade


bella boo

how do you make you bottles in you videos

Angga Rezta

So dark