Trump Sits Down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: A Closer Look

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End: "Huh, that gun kinda looks like . . . ah, there it is

god protect and guide this child...


Oh no.We can't go back to that era pls no

O 100 Ocupacao

Thank you for Portuguese legends


5:59 for a sec i thought Ty threw the turtle lol


hidden chest is not actually an easter egg its a merchants inventory every merchant has one somewhere and can usually be found with no clip


@nicholsonal actually they do, i saw on a video 1 time tht it takes alot of tries b4 they actually make the shotlol

M. V.

what's your specs?


Panda 🐼 all day bro

Kristal Rivera

Watching video wow. Happy


What platform are you playing Quake II on????

chathura siriwardana

he's a pretty cool guy


I from in Rio ♥

Anast Lymp

Dr. Dre, Beats

Savannah Garcia

I miss my Paul...


rofl amazing ending =D

Eagle TheAssassin

Nobody should live that life, but I hope it turns out well in the end, because that’s what you deserve

Sophia/Sophie likes to draw

1:42 what your going to do : poison that person


3:00 what is doens't ...

Boiler Boi13

Film at Ross Ade Stadium Purdue Boiler up


love it :)


Ty suckes

Stacey Parker

give a like ifteamCobyallthe way

Edit: Not trying to be rude, just saying what I think, and I also agree that the government could do more for the people of war, or people who want better lives for themselves. But their are options for them as long as they do it quickly. And do their best to follow the law, but since they did not come legally, its going to be hard for them. Unless they go in and take the test.

cainanpro cainanpro

Corys was the cool inst ovn all


I hope this never becomes a real thing

Ava Mckeown

At least you don’t flush

Jessica Lewis

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Vicky Vam


Andrew Russell


Samuel Deighan

Shes torn after losing her husband

Lisbeth Levitt

One of my friends had her cord around her neck

Sunny Queen

Wow, Ann is like my real life best that bad?

Leonardo de Oliveira Brinkhoff

1:52 he sounds like Donkey Kong lol

Lunar Gacha tuber

What if the dad's girlfriend is cheating with the mom's boyfriend?!