Joe Rogan & Dorian Yates on DMT and Ayahuasca

Joe Rogan talks to Dorian Yates about his experiences with DMT and Ayahuasca.Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #989.

JustSmile 14

At the beginning of the video “oh my family is pretty normal and happy.”


What do you use instead of coconut milk if you live in a doomed country where you have to drive 2 hrs to buy it?

Tell 'em that it's over, ain't no debatin' (Uh)

Connor Crawford

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Gaming with Giss

This is why Canada is better!!

Logan Osborne

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Gachamaster 101 Lol

Russian was my first language too!

Sivangi Bipin


Irreversible Remix

I'm going to start a fight ready?

I mean don't do that cause you'll probably die of alcohol poisoning

Nathan Seo

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Aldir Marvin

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Mackenzie Martin


Dina Dingas

60 yard

Satan Anas

Saint row 2 too


Omg I love these type of videos.

B Smith

Panda is the best!!!!!!!!!!


Make him sell the team if he wants to touch the players.

But these series is over - he'll cry.


Why is your guy shacking?

Angel C.

How does her dad have hair. I thought one your child turned to a teen you like loose all of it. Well my dad did

Few people i know that had epidurals have had problems with back pain since 1 of them bad nerve damage, & i know others where no long term issues at all.

Gacha Diamonds 7.23

Next up: i am my sisters sister


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Adni leta

I cried watching this

Sweet weeby goodness

I feel like the tone of the beat was supposed to be like the way old school suspense themed movies were in that they are trying to make you jump and this song definitely scared me for a sec with the way the beat came

Erica Watkins

LOL. It cracks me up each time you yell at Astro. I never really hear him until you start yelling at him.


I subbed sportfort.That make me, cooool.

Vile Jew

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Stroker Ace

So I have both. Great, but I have found counseling and exercise do help.

joaquin Tort



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Fat Orange Feline


Arleen Urra

Chains of Olympus was my first one

10% I have OCD Stating weird things

Diana Boo230

@Jacon04 its Litterally 60 seconds. So you gota run Nd get the hacker then run ALL they way bak to quick revive and stop it in less than 60 seconds. :/


Guru are you finding ali of these easter eggs by yourself?


The best easter egg of this game is the uninstall button.



Gimme a like if you want to see Camping Stereotypes!



And yes. This will be a brand new world.

Grock Bot

NASA want's to know you're location


Biased toward Outback

Christina Desha

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I am from india you channel Is v.good