Brett Keane Challenges DP - 11 Year Old Shoots Burglar - Shut Up Wesley - DPP #234

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Brayden Richey

Says there might be links with siege spots ela

niccolo gabriele



No tnt for 🐼

Jonathan Taylor

were they filming on a potato?

Astronaut in Mars

You all should make another dizzy shots vid

Eric Olsen


pan mingixia



Just an FYI Max, Livin on a prayer is by Bon Jovi, not Journey.

When I was little my dad was working as a policeman. And with this job comes a lot of stress.

Jade Takesitinthearse

you guys are total pros :)

Maggy Oof

I think this will be like my first date -_-

MR. Unknown

Thee reason why the first experiment did not work is because Consistency of the hydrogen peroxide it needs to be a more Concentration of the highchair and peroxide

Ross X

Harry: I love watching plane crash compilations

Zach Singleton

Love that you used a Tobymac song.

AC Robitaille

Team Cody from now on

Pixie Sky

Well, there’s no Texas Roadhouse where I’m from, but the outback in my city has some of the best food I’ve ever had!

sir support

I'm allergic to peanuts and allergic to a lot of things during the Spring




Also do it with thomahawk

E Wolfe

This video will be known to be dude perfects least viewed video

Mustafa SKRY

Uçan çember atışï

Brian dale

Your voice is sexy af

Backyard Fun

Who watch this in 2017

Don Hemisphere

Your getting more views, btw my childhood ruined

Inan Tosun

Yaaay Fun With Guru Gets Back To Work :3

Fer Gamboa

Lɪsᴀ LemonCHU

Never bully someone. Just don't.

Dharmesh Patel

Does the golden gun ty won even work?


you're hackers !!!! SorryLifeHackers and AimHackers!!

Gato Come Galletas


as0ciality RBLX

#YIAYjob she raps like a wrapper


Ben WD Fortnite

2:23 I screamed so loud my moms said shut up

SGG Gaming

Its a secret no its nøt

Harmeera’s Space

Ooff i thought the title said my husband left me because I got rich and I was like wow


My grandpa is named jusepi

Trevor L.

Y’all should try to get more Marvel people on the show

Eth q

Shit got me when he said the same line nip dropped, knowing this time nips names a part of it, ah shit. Rest in peace g, 👏🏻💯

Unique Amari