John Lennox: The Word Became Flesh

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Why did the views go down on part 4. It just got better. Like if you agree.

Logan Erieau

Who is panda


Keep doing what you're doing, you're insane bro! Merry Christmas to y'all

Jen Chapman

Dolphins or steelers

Tahlia Vlogs

U never know what u got❤️❤️


Your videos are always entertaining and well made. I am surprised you never get more views than you do



gacha rina kitty chan

I think jasmin only loses her voice when lily does something bad

lily v

happy pride month !! shout out to the real heros in this video, the "bullies" who called out this dumb homophobe !

Sonya Adams

Omfg! You are the Willy Wonka of makeup! Can’t wait to get these. Just wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Video: All the kids have moms and dads who loved them

That One Otaku Does Gaming

I think you should commentate over Easter egg videos o3o

jason Ko


Robert Hubbard

New York Mets


Well we get no information even after this second trailer! Disney really getting into my nerves now

Ellace Tullo

Thanks for making a video explaining all this, however, I'm a bit confused where the "anger" aspect of it all comes in. People usually say bipolar is happy to angry at random points so where would the anger part be taken from this?

Armando Cruz



more like how 'I Went From Bullied to *making youtube videos*'

Krystian Celmierowski