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Doug baldwin


No one:

Yang Liu

5:37 I though he through a turtle to 🙌🏽😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

Pony Empires Unite

One time, I accidently saved someone. My Mom and I were going to the Olive Tree when I spotted a Maserati. I LOVE cars so I screamed next to my mom and pointed "Maserati! Maserati!". My Mom lost control and drove onto the sidewalk. We hit a guy and almost hit another, younger guy. We both saw that when he got launched, a pistol was in his hand. The older guy fell down a hill and my Mom's Chevrolet Cruze sailed on top of him and shattered his femur. We called 911 and when the guy was hauled away and the cops talked to us, he said "That guy tried to shoot me! He tried to mug me and I pushed him onto the ground! He pulled out his handgun and that is when you swerved!" Don't know what happened to the 2 people after that. Also, our car only had a cracked front bumper, slightly damaged suspension, and a popped tire from the sharp bone fragments. The repairs were cheap.

Gamer Kitty

Are you in San Diego, Californa???

but if I got a B I’d throw a party



Lunetikk's short clips

Best ones and you didnt mention Jesse Pinkmans livingroom? hmmmm




that last shot had to be first try never seen them freak out quite luke that.


Next Level Movie Promotion


why is alice red?

50,000 subscribers with no videos

Life as an introvert is so hard and the extroverts don’t understand


I feel so bad for u

DJ Dunford

Wheres the dont know what their doing guy and sorry guy

Indra .J

Yang indonesia like nya mana

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]

Justin Ties

I don't get #4


Show your left foot! That will probably change my life.

4. Old Castaway (has a VERY long beard)

Alain Matabalao


Elin Kamberaj

0:22 if you keep those shirts on everyone will have a crush on you

mikopchu plus

what is that superbowl that everyone is talking about???

isac self

I can't tell if he's being serious or not because some of this seems way too stretchy


The food at my local hospital is great 😌

Laventure Dominique

I don’t know

Hotel? Trivago



Prince Arthur

I like the music at the end but i miss the old rug

Pusheen with pizza

I love Juanpa you make the FUNNIEST videos ♥

Just googled it: Yes, he is! :-)

Camirie Jackson

Rest in Paradise bbg

Allen Templeton

They don't do that

Dragon Mad

Well an OOFFF for that and Fs in the chat for her

Sakura Usagi1098

Damn I wish I had someone to love me



Epic Gamer Moment

jonathan stromberg

@Murphy4709 @Murphy4709 many of the best sportsman in the world are white. Im tired of people in the US knocking whites - just because the country produces so few white sportsmen doesnt mean white people deserve to be constantly knocked down.You might say im taking this too seriously, but im sure a someone of another race would take offence if a degrading comment was made about their 'collective' skillscheers

Jacob Arnold

how can you un tilt the tilt

Noah Ravelo

1:41I’m getting a whole “Crush Zeus” vibe from this guy anyone else?

Nazim Abdullayev

Team Coby

Khalid Rashid

I like your videoes

Ruby Feria

I want them to do YNW Melly like frl frl


Being Philadelphia i'm surprised they used SPAM instead of scrapple or pork roll.