Extras Bloopers (Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet)

Best Bloopers (Outtakes) of the amazing tvshow ExtrasSeason 2 Bloopers: 10 biggest grossing movies of 2016:

Ananyaa Sood

I always wanted the POGO stick thing


Archery dunk

Aayniah Copeland

Okay......Let me be honest. Its one thing to use a get out of free card when you are DATING. You have been together for 10 years and have a child. I DONT CARE IF SHE SAID YOU COULD. Clearly she was Emotional and sad about this. Clearly, she was trying to stay true to her word. And thats respectable. But You would have to be an IDIOT if you didn't understand that was stupid and childish from the start.

Franklin MacGillacuddy

4:44 We're flipping... Lets just grab a cocktail! ... ... I dont have anything in here. The kids drank all the beer. Grab a.... ASTRO!!

sam langevin

Honestly probably not gonna watch this

Jalissa Araniz Khweis

Who comes up with the idea to switch pants during a football game well who ever dose you stupid

dsv s

Guru, don't worry about nothing. You're the best, most thorough easter egg finder I know without stupid clip videos. As long as you keep the games in order, it doesn't matter about the time it takes.

me me

What what happened to the brother did he go to an asylum like eew I wish she had said more about that that's so bad and just, I dont need to explain but that's discusting


This is nice. I didnt get to play the previous Quarantine mode so this might be a suprise for me.

jaxon haney



Amaiyah Daily

TEAM CORY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Starychu _

Hey im from Serbia :D

sisteryoutube 1234

Is there anyone out there (other than me) who is also autistic and insecure about themselves. Please comment me back!

Gannon Hurd

This video made me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


At moments like this am i happy that i never send things like this to my ex

Raring Conch

Healthy People Still Get Cancer




team cody



Nuka eli07

Those who have ocd


the day it comes out really

Tate Johnston

April 22 is my Sisters birthday


Victor Morales

Is this..fake?

probro 2006


FireJuggler5869 Memes


Anonymous ???

Nobody almost talks about the Matrix Now.......


Hopefully less than an hour, I've uploaded it 5 times now but Youtube messes it up every time. I wanted to get it up in 1080p but it seems Youtube won't let me because it freezes the uploading, so I'm uploading it in 720p, you can barely tell the difference.

Pixel Color Girl

my grandmas sister died with her friend in a car accident


Aceplayz YT

I only fear relationships