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Sony Xperia Touch – first look

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Sony Xperia Touch review: Innovative, but a touch too soon

Sony Xperia Touch review: Innovative, but a touch too soon

16.08.2017 - Alphr

The Sony Xperia Touch gestures to a future where the walls in your house can be thumbed, fingered and stroked; where digital wallpaper decks your living room in scenes of pastoral bliss, your kitchen in wall-to-wall recipes, and your bedroom in a...


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Hands-on: Sony's Xperia Touch turns (nearly) any surface into a touchscreen

Hands-on: Sony's Xperia Touch turns (nearly) any surface into a touchscreen

04.08.2017 - Mashable

The Touch also appears to require a purely flat surface. When we tried it on a slightly textured floor, the projected touchscreen refused to respond to any of our gestures. You can also take the device and position it vertically to project a screen...

Sony Xperia Touch – first look

Something called Touch Sony Xperia – this is the projector that went to the exhibitions for a couple of years, I mean he told me all about him told, but suddenly, Sony went and launched the production of the device. In this small material – all the main points about the gadget.

Talking about this gadget

The company did not say specifically what and how might come in handy Sony Xperia Touch , and iPad at the time, some specific applications no. You can draw on any surface with children on the wall of the hotel to watch a movie, making TV itself you can highlight on the table DJ stand and to please the company, moving the virtual record. The so-called “fan” in its purest form, is what is now Sony Xperia Touch . The exact name is also difficult to find. Projector? Yes, it’s a projector, but the image on the surface to work with. The tablet or “chromebook”? Also, Yes, because inside of the Android OS, you can set different applications to use the browser. Mobile device? Also, Yes, as it has a built-in battery, and in theory I could bring Sony Xperia Touch with you from Moscow and to look at the wall in the hotel movie. Yeah, not ultra sharpen, but fun!

Try Sony Xperia Touch !! Freaky thing

Long video for our channel will be prepared later, while briefly about the experiments with the plates in the video above.

As you know, I had a chance to look at the work of Sony Xperia Touch in an informal setting, and it was very interesting. It’s one thing to stand at the exhibition, where there is no time where you can’t run what you want. To find fault and to complain about the operation of the device is also not going to be here, because it’s a prototype – but, in General, the accessory works perfectly! Include, put on the table in front of you appears quite big screen, a little more pjatnadtsatiminutnogo MacBook Pro screen. Infrared sensors on the projector know where you click, so the usual table becomes a table of films about the future. Gestures, pinching, touching, all the usual manipulations, as we daily communicate with a smartphone. Launch the browser, you can read the news on a makeshift screen. You can run applications, DJ mixer, games, tried Fruit Ninja, it fruit give up and fly to pieces. You can watch the mail and respond to it. There are claims to the IR sensors, but most of all, in commercial samples of everything will be fine. Tired of work or games – turn Sony Xperia Touch to the projection and moved on the wall. A large screen is not touch, so turn on in advance the movie, sit back, watch and listen.

 Touch – first look

Built-in battery, built-in speakers, there is Bluetooth you can look at the wall and listen to the sound of wireless headphones. If you liked the idea of programs for DJs, feel free to connect any normal speakers, such a possibility is also provided.

So I can’t specifically say about this gadget. I think every owner decides for himself. Note that for the children, but then we move on to the next Chapter. Although we do not like children, but selected for the sample hour goes by very quickly and wanted to leave Sony Xperia Touch yourself, start here movie and for this case to quietly sleep.

Anticipating the question about controlling the projector when it is aimed at the wall: raise your finger, the cursor appears. It can be used to do different things. More info will try to explain in the full review.

Sony Xperia Touch – first look

Characteristics and nuances

Dimensions: 69 x 134 x 143 mm, weight 932 g
Sensors: e-Compass, GPS, light sensor, barometer, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, presence sensor.
Camera and audio: 13MP Exmor RS for mobile camera, stereo speakers
Operating system: Android 7.0, Nougat
Memory: LPDDR3 3GB, internal memory 32GB eMMC
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, USB Type-C, NFC, HDMI Type-D, Wi-Fi (SISO): 11 a/b/g/n/ac
Then couldn’t adequately translate because it is about the projection system:
Display system: SXRD, three primary colours LCD shutter projection system
Display: 0.37 SXRD x 1
Resolution: 1366×768
Focus: AF Size 23-80”
Light source: Laser diode

Sony Xperia Touch Xperia wzgledow first Touch – first wzgledow Xperia Touch – first look
Now features:

Surely you thought, but what about games on connected using Remote Play PS4. Report possible! Take a projector, connect to PS, take the joystick, take the headset, speakers, or leave the sound of the projector begins to play in the Horizon or even in something as pleasant. As I write, local multiplayer available. Will have to try.
Under the window of the projector on the front panel is the camera, on the front panel infrared sensors when the fingers get in range, the camera transmits data on the CPU, and your movements are processed. To work with such a “touch” screen is quite comfortable, of false positives is small.
Supported “multipoint”, it is possible to perform all sorts of gestures as on your touchscreen. Enter on the keyboard also works as it should.
They say that the 720p was chosen after a long trial, test, focus group, and is the best option for the first generation Xperia Touch .
If I find anything out, add stuff!

Sony Xperia Touch Xperia wzgledow first Touch – first look
Gadget Sony Xperia Touch will be on sale far not in all markets. In Russia, for example, will appear as we people are very fond of and Sony, and cunning new items Sony. The price has not yet named, but in Europe it will be about 1 500 euros. That is, if you like Sony Xperia Touch , start thinking about 100 000. Say something Sony seems to be desirable, on the other hand, such things no one. Moreover, it is quite a good work. So whatever was brought to Russia, buy everything for gifts, as a toy, soniboi of all ages will be very pleased – I soniboj and know what to say. I then was introduced to the Japanese word “Kando” (or something like that), it denotes a pleasant feeling of still not unpacked shopping, waiting for a miracle, feeling amazing events from that stuff – it’s a word very great characteristic and Sony Xperia Touch , and some other devices of the company, to get from prototype to the shelves.

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