Ricky Gervais - Fame [2007]

Instagram : is the title of a performance by British comedian Ricky Gervais. It was filmed at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, United Kingdom in 2007. Check out my channel for more comedy specials & clips!

Revi Matterson

Omg I love Adidas so much!!! Now I know it history

Day Row

This was really sad

elsie gonzales



This man is crazy


YES!!!! I am an introvert and am most proud of it. I'm not afraid to be alone and I don't need friends I only want them...which in my opinion wanting friends is much better than NEEDING them. I keep my loyalty to my person or friend without the games and manipulation. And yes some of my friends think just because I keep to myself I seem more mysterious to others when really I cannot stand the feeling of being vulnerable. Others find me stuck up but in reality I am not and I care more than many would think and listen more along with understanding...in my opinion introverts are a gem to be friends with and for those that are be proud of it🤗💕



Eva Lowe

That was depressing to watch

Casey Carnes

Proud of you guys. i know youre going to be an awesome dad ethan . Youre going to be like the awesome uncle but youre going to actually be the father. i cant wait until i get to be the father i never had for my little ones. Take it easy you guys. We love you.


Its me or wow looks totally different now?

Jerri Wisely

Georgia power is my favorite


the homerun baseball bat seems like a reference to smash bros.

Atrxity Playz

This is. Holy crap.. just wow.


Cody you won 👍👍

Peter C

TEAM COBY!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany Browning

If you hate people, like me, never shower. You are your own repellant.

I got scared in 5:57


that'll do pig, that'll do is used in gravity falls also


My right ear enjoyed this.


MR jumpy was the funniest

Raccoon Flufff

i felt guilty for letting my grandma die.. i didnt go on the walk with her and she was in the hospital i still get mad at myself for not going on 1 last i walk.

Lou De Jonck

Grayson took cool stuf but Ethan took stuff that are not usefull and not cool


Dafuq. Cory in the house as an anime...... What????


Please can you make school stereotypes.PLEASE!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

Mocking Jay

I'm losing my control on my anger

MagicalKellie !

I parents lived in Vietnam I speak Vietnamese

Jose Fernandez

You could have at least re-rendered the cut scenes.

Alex N

Copying black mirror viper room

Darkstardominic Vega

I watched all of got

Yasmin Ali

Best of luck

George Carpelan

I fucking hate Quiet.

Third World Problem

These rotten Raptors fans clapped KD's injury as a sign of victory. They then did a standing ovation to conceal their horrendous character. Worse is, the booed him. Jeremy Lin posted a message of KD's recovery on his Instagram and also said, "to boo him is lame" Rap fans just went full cringe. I hope Kawhi won't return on your team.


Is it possible that we can get a gameplay trailer this time around that actually looks like the base game?

Saudi arabia...Here you are

People don't usually cut the front of their arms so people won't see.

Macaroni Daddy

This brings a huge smile to my face. I am soo happy for you both! Papa bless

Intang Fabillar

I thought cardi b was the narrator 😂

hillmut berger

A warrior will always be a Warrior!

The Flaming Freezer

This issue of subs and dubs is actually one that encompasses not just Japanese anime, but all media and voice acting in the world, and it shouldn't even be framed as "Subs vs Dubs", it should be "Japanese vs Everything else". See, English dub apologists do have one right idea: In general, the original version of something isn't automatically the best one. After all, why must originality automatically equate to quality? Creators are not infallible in their ideas, and the very first versions of their works may not be optimal for what they're really hoping to do. But the people who watch anime subbed are also absolutely right in that Japan is the greatest at the profession of voice acting. None can deny that Japan is by far the most committed and disciplined when it comes to voice acting, specifically. That means, when it comes to voice acting, it is not the "original" that's better, it's JAPANESE. Not only should Japanese anime never be dubbed in English, even entertainment media not originally made by Japan should all be dubbed in Japanese, and only Japanese. Anyone who actually thinks that the supremacy of Japanese voice acting stops at the stuff originally made by Japan is nearly as stupid as people who prefer English dubs all the time. Pls like