Zeitgeist - Truth About Christianity and Religion MUST SEE! Part1

Excerpt from the movie Zeitgeist.


2020 🙌😅😅

My Cup Of TAE

New Yorkers must’ve been scared to death, hearing that sound and seeing all that smoke. Too reminiscent of 9/11

Fred Fancy

No Duke dilemma this year


Henry not david

We do everything Brothers

I’d be the gallon of water guy

Natalie GachaTube

3:49 .. Uh.. The sign looks a bit.. wrong

wolf xx

The bear is tyler??

Saleem Khan

please do fifa battles please


He didn't find it himself, he's taking credit for the video, which was made by him, dipshit.


Here’s the thing with perverts their mostly immature high school boys that wouldn’t have the guts to say that crap to you in person


Race a Lamborghini


Who's watching this in 2018?

IsaBeast ; /

If you don’t think I’m gonna be there opening day wearing an Elsa dress.. Your wrong 😎😎😎😎😎😎And yes I liked my own comment (only the real can relate) “YOLO” -Drake

Lucas Maciel

Theo best Channel in the universe


Ok to make it up to you......I don't like showering so i mostly don't take a shower until a week to........😶😣

Talk Trauma To Me

I have been in the hospital for two weeks with double pneumonia and yours is the first video I have watched in 2 weeks. Thank you for making me smile.

The attainment

Her: I lost my long and beautiful hair now I'm depressed

Blake Neilson

Rest In Peace old guy so sorry Cory and cody

ZF Lim

lol 4:18

Daniel Lucas

10:25 Fallout 4 main character voice actor?

Agent 47


Frederik Massier

Jack I don’t think you know that keeping a whole class after school because one guy’s being a dick is actually a war crime. Look it up.

Joshua Staffier


Jen Maginnis

I love story and message but the pictures are outstanding

Seb Welford

This song was missing the bongos...

G-Dan't Productions

Some words at the end.

JBS Vlogs

Knife didn’t stick

areyan sajed



I Need To Be Able To SSJ4

george munoz

Tom is an OG

Tessa Hunter

they should try and play water polo


What happend to your christmas easter eggs. Did it get taken down?

Lakshya arora

North Korea wants to know your location

Medium Hard: YOU just killed his dog.

Zahvanna Gacha

Jk rowling also has the powers to rewrite any character and make them gay.

More Teddy axb

This is very cool video

Tammy Matney

You should film with nick foles and Carson wentz🤣😄😃😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😬🚫🤞🏻🐍🐍😃😂🤣☺️😛😚😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😉😋😏😒😂😇🤓😏😏🤨😋

BLx Droid

I could never take the Japanese voice seriously, I'm sorry. The body & the voices just never matched, even though there are some exceptions.

sassy muffin

there is a cure for multiple sclerosis though wym lmao


Did anyone notice the skeet plate changed colors when Cody hit it

Katherine Staton

You should get some fans together to do this for round 4! That would be super cool to watch

Tony's Anthony

Video starts at 0:00 welcome 🤗

Sakura Yui

BTS STATION IN THAILAND ARMY oh by the way I Come from Thailand

shadow killer 34

you are really good at these Easter eggs hunting keep it up


2:26 the part we all came here for...