Estonian reacts to History of the Entire World I Guess by Bill Wurtz

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Poor miller it's his Dino


fortnite xD

DAPW Productions

Damn Mike... I never thought you were a 3d person with a TOP 10 Tragic Anime Backgrounds


Yeah I saw the last one on the first take damn

Dusk Desolatr44

He didn't get the real life 1# Victory Royale

Silver Avez

sounds like fun

Mr. Wisper

4:35 look at Pandas face...

Alicia Garcia-Lopez

Leave like if watching in 2019

Rhythm Boi


Dagner !

I though adventure had the earliest known easter egg. Thanks for educating me!

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Congrats Garrett

Well it’s not playing the oculus quest.

caleb Gurger

1 like = 1 saved fish

Dandara Verloes

I think the open relationship is kind of weird but if it works for them I'm fine with it. I think the real problem is that they ABUSED THEIR OWN CHILDREN MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY

melody eary


Raheel Azam

Great 🙌👌👍


No one:


LA Dodgers

Sam oreilltkfywjdyd Ham

It’s actually a 90° degree turn when it goes on the half cut pipe

Jodie Marcellino

This video was different sure as he said in the description and it was kinda nice as a new test

Kidz Ballerz

Plz make a all sports golf game


Nobody: Judge Dredd

Wolf Pack616

I prefer dub. not a fast reader and I like to look at the animation

Jake Coughlan

Hi love your vids

Artem BS


You said you hate horror games

Bill Christina

im pressured into playing basketball just because im tall.i watch youtube all day so i can learn i want to become a mom doesnt support it. im allways being ignored (im on my grandpas account) i want to leave my moms always on facebook and doesnt care about my grandma yelling,throwing things,and hurting us.i ran away 2 only to come back because i have no were to school says 1 more family insident and cps is mom constantly brings me down and on top of that im bullied at school. i tell my mom and all she says is WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? i am 12 and i havent seen my dad in 5 i have been unlike no longer drawing cute things and ever since i was a kid i drew people crying and i still do.i hate my mom and everyone so i have trust issues..and seeing this breaks my heart knowing that more kids have a even terrible story. stay safe and be strong! UWU


um... cody? your question SHOULD be: "who HASN'T heard of the phrase, you'll shoot your eye out?"

Ben and Dynamite


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Most of my tingles are in my scalp

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she's gorgeous ❤




0ctober 2018

Shorty tell me I'm the same


who here had half of these not work?


Watching in 2019, who misses Panda?

s o r r y m o m

It's kind of weird how much people in the coments doesn't knew that.

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Why does everyone on this channel have the same voice..?

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I really want to see pandas face

Han Do


2hypegang Curry


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4:31 when my undies grew and grew 😂

Uzume Mochi

A brown boy from the Philippines