En este Mix les presento los mejores éxitos y canciones de Bob Marley, espero les agrade.

Brimmer Ramirez

yoo aqui ativo desde Republica Domicana

Me: pulls out gun



Mars Rover

It’s not that bad, honestly. And I’m rooting for the Rockets here. That being said, tensions are running high. It’s a close game. Front court seats. Lowry falls into your seats. Sure, maybe there’s a little bit of anger in that push, but a huge basketball player of the opposing team just fell on you. You’d want to push him off you and back onto his feet. Hard to 100% discern intent here and dole out such an exorbitant fine. All that being said, if he said any racially charged insults, as some reports are saying, then he is completely in the wrong and should be fined.

Troy Hunter

Talk about Africa



Oktawian Czeczotka

PleasedothisinRussia, Thanksalot.

RoadRunner WR

12:11 "I made a virgin once". version obviously but totally came out as virgin.

Ed Parker

Watching these back-to-back makes Bond look like a serial rapist.

Example: I was bullied really bad when I was in elementary school, so bad that I was afraid to go to school, but years later I don't remember anything from elementary school. It's just a blank space.


I'm honestly surprised the makers of "Da Bomb" haven't demanded a cease a desist from you yet to force you to remove their sauce. Your show has given them nothing but bad PR lol. It's become a known thing that it's the shitty one you have to eat.

Playstation Nation

We WeRe DrOPped In. A IsLanD AnD Had TO KiLl PeoPLe . me u mean like every battle royale on earth

Jack Kelly

Does the purple hoser ever not wear a hat

Meme Stealer

Noobmaster69 killed chunky cap what?!?!

Welp goodbay

Literally no one:

Elliotttheneko UwU

No one:

Doc Brown

This happened to my mom before she adopted me and my sister, she lost two baby's of unknown gender before they were born, but she said when she dies she'll see the two of them in heaven. 💙💙💙

Xx Edy XX

At least she didn’t cut her eye out


This looks so beautiful and amazing

Tuna Çınar

But not you guys the Donald´s man I Want to fuck not you guys


2:44 Umm i wouldnt put my head right there :P

Zawad Hossain

I’m fine with my PS2 thank you.

Shivang Singh

nobody :youtube : take 6 years old video




I miss Matt


Is it really a disorder when you see everything you were worried about come to fruition....and things actually turn out WORSE than what you were afraid of? I can't help but laugh at this video what you dismiss as irrational anxiety seems more to me like situational awareness. If anyone has any real advice about keeping the eternal shit separated from the eternal fan, I'd love to hear about it. When I see the worst case scenario play out I'm rarely ever distraught or even surprised anymore. It feels more to me like "Of course; why the hell wouldn't this happen?" Even when it's the most far-out, asinine, seemingly impossible shit.



Emely V.

I can't accept the fact that I have experienced most of these. Am I depressed?


Courtney was a mood this whole sketch

محمد عدنان

ها شلو جبتو

DomiHA 1234

Jste cechove?