Ex-mormon: Leaving the Church Part 1/3 - Ex-Mormon story

It's finally here! Starting my in-depth story, part 1 growing up in the church part 2 the material I studied and leaving it as well. Thank you all so much for your support to this channel, and remember to follow my social media as well! You'll know more about the videos and you will also INSTAGRAM: @chrissyscorner444FACEBOOK: Chrissy's Corner @chrissychrissyeSNAPCHAT: Chrissys444GMAIL: Chrissyscorner444@gmail.com


Can’t wait to see what you find in Sekiro : Shadows die twice

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No matter what if you are gay, transgender, or anything like it. Be who you are. We are all human.

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such an amazing channel, i have been watching nearly ever single video for like 4 years now

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I'm 12, but if I were an adult tryna support a family and my boyfriend kept drinking, I'd be like "Nice knowing ya boo boo! Now get the fuck out!"

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