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RT @ALLYKEYOfficial: NEW video alert!!!!! Lost most of the footage we…

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The failing RTX 2080 Ti GPU problem doesn't seem widespread — at least, for now

The failing RTX 2080 Ti GPU problem doesn't seem widespread — at least, for now

08.11.2018 - Digital Trends

To try and change that, we reached out to a number of retailers, system builders, and manufacturers, to try to find out what is exactly going on, which cards are failing, and maybe even why they're dying in the first place. For a more detailed look at...

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What are the symptoms of a faulty/failing/dying/bad video ...

artifacts, freezing/crashing/stability issues, no video/card not recognized (dead)

Video_TDR_Failure (nvlddmkm.sys) on Windows 10 [Fixed ...

Solved nvlddmkm.sys video-tdr-failure blue screen of death (bsod) error on Windows 10 in 4 steps. The error is usually seen on PCs with NVIDIA graphics card

Windows 10 - Video_TDR_Failure (NVLDDMKM.SYS) Video TDR ...

Hello, I recently upgraded to Windows 10, since upgrading I'm having pretty regular BSOD Crashes where the following error message appears; VIDEO TDR ...


Video_tdr_failure (atikmpag.sys) is a blue screen error triggered by a faulty, incompatible or corrupt graphic driver. Users face this error after their ...

List of commercial failures in video gaming - Wikipedia

Video game hardware failures. A commercial failure for a video game hardware platform is generally defined as a system that either fails to become adopted by a ...


Signs that your gpu is dying!

DEAD GPU!▽ How do you know when your gpu is about to die? Please support us by using the affiliate links below: Buy Latest gpus in amazon▽ EVGA RTX ...

Video/Graphics card troubleshooting

A client brought me this computer because when he tries to play any 3D rendered game the screen goes black. In the video I check the power supply, stress test ...

Bake A Broken Graphics Card To Fix It (VIDEO CARD FIX)

This video shows how to revive a dead graphics card using an oven to heat up and re-solder components inside and on the card. I found that the process ...


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