Why do people laugh at creationists (part 44)

WDPLAC.... ITS BACK!!!!!How to blow 100 MILLION dollars as a creationist?Honestly, this makes solar roadways look like a thoughtful and well planned use of money!looks like the Ark Encounter will get significantly less than its projected minimum.It had a lower bound of 1.5mn, and it looks like they will be lucky to break the million mark.Further, if the slowly declining attendance of AiGs 'Creationist Museum' is anything to go by, they build the Ark Encounter at EXACTLY the wrong time!If you like videos like this one, you can support this channel directly through Patreon.

Stefan 1

How long did you train for this?

Donghyuckie *Full sun*


Justin Yabut

Pour magnesium into a bucket of water

The HSB's

2018 April?


Hey guru, what editing software did you start out with? (If you can remember)

Gottlieb Elend

The first one was fucking stupid. Not only it's an easter egg intended for ONE person, it takes shitload of actions to achieve! It's even offensive how many bullshit you must go through to see a... heart-shaped blood, WTF?!



Jawaun Clemmons



This video will have 1 million views by the end of next week.

seth Manjourea

You should film with Tom Brady

Double Dis

Friggin homophobes

I Am Groot

Can't wait for you to do it with Barcelona

Adatron 13

Welcome to episode 24 about why this is on my recommend

Cole Estrada

You guys are incredible

Lego Master

Adidas stand for

Schnauzer God

2019 anyone???

Teodor Savic

6:04 xd

Rainbow Dash

me on my birthday: "mY PrESeNT"

Alex Cruz

I guess u could say gumball gave a nice BLOWJOB bud dumsh

Angry Pocket Pyro

I guess he died from the snap

7 M N 3 S I 4

whos watching in 2018 leave a like


Me and all the watch dogs bronies out there now respect watch dogs even more.

Sir Yosh

i agree with mama

Alex Alcala

I'm a fan of soccer my favorite team is America and Mexico my favorite player is Giovanni dos sentos⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

Bakugo Katsui

The moment you see this girl wanting to go to school and you think ,, PLEASE I JUST NEED 5 MORE MINUTES

Abdo Z2d

Nice video

Sugakookie Is life

I love how there was a queen poster lol

BladedGoose 13


UnLuckyLuka !

Nu android is better

JaKodi Williams

They cuddling all wrong


9:12 p body : nope nope

Jessica Jones

The whole second row 😍😍😍

Robin Antonelli


my cat hd

Yang kagak suka berarti goblok

ryan carpenter

Why did the egg cross the road to get more eggs because he needed more eggs because it cracked