Jesus is a patti and gunda

5.change the colur of pic so nobody could define the skin tone becomes billionare

Faith Kodom

This is her mom:

joe creely

gta is the kiddy version of hit and run

Kavita Singh

Hi I am Dhruv I am a big fan of dp and I code is cute while I love all your video I want you to make one more on football


Me: Where the hell did this joke come from.

Kain Davenport

Rage mister strikes again

Gacha_ Potato

Idk how to tell my dad I am scared of being in my room at night alone


Ok 2 questions, why do you hate Resident evil?, and Why are you soooooo awesome? :)

Beth Halpain

dude, perfect!!


5:23 PILLS HERE!!!

Joe Walker


Zed Master Of Shadows

the talos principle looks a lot like serious sam 3

Stevie Mz

plz do sugar with petrol and a flame thrower

Swiss Cheese

5:06 fingers?

Al R

That Evil Within Easteregg was hilarious, while the Satori Easteregg almost made me cry.

Rebroken Last Stand

I'm so sorry for the girl in this vid this is really sad and deep!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cristina Beletzuy

O son mis nervios o esta película se parece a valiente


this was awesome.. some spoilers but awesome

Leon Kleinsorgen





Uhh you not Matt stonie😂😂😂


Thank god you don't stop and will never you made a blood oath with the devil when you sigh up for YouTube so.... Love your vid but FACE REVAL

Charlie Chet Sabin

Sub to me please

Aifos SM

0:14 mdr je me retourne pour admirer le visage des spectateurs ils me lancent un regard noir

I hope she could feel happy and positive vibes around her the whole way

judgemental shoelace in ur face

Then you would have died


Jollibee tho

adolf hitler

Blood stain at 2:37

What a B-

Brett Sutcliffe

Guru you rock


Please tell me that's sarcasm... lol

jib yap

Congratulationss! Legit just went to this video and say it 💯

C Zwieg

ERB: Rap it your way.


It was great to go back and play Far Cry again, had a bunch of fun with this because of how amazing the game is. I'm still working on Dead Island Riptide, but in the meantime, does anyone have ideas for games for me to do? I'll take a look at everyone requested. Thanks for Watching.

Jennifer Marsh

But what if you have nothing?


Woah was that Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 in the beginning