Mark Blitz on Ancient and Modern Political Philosophy

A discussion of political thinkers including Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, and Nietzsche. Click "Show more" to view all chapters. For more conversations, visit 1 (0:15 – 14:52): Political Philosophy and PlatoChapter 2 (14:52 – 24:12): The Ancients and How We Live Now Chapter 3 (24:12 – 43:57): Aristotle and Virtues of CharacterChapter 4 (43:57 – 56:22): John Locke’s America Chapter 5 (56:22 – 1:05:38): Hegel and Marx Chapter 6 (1:05:38 – 1:18:13): Liberal Democratic Way of Life Chapter 7 (1:18:13 – 1:24:18): The Allure of Nietzsche Chapter 8 (1:24:18 – 1:30:48): Studying with Harvey Mansfield Chapter 9 (1:30:48 – 1:45:13): Teaching and Practicing PoliticsMark Blitz is a professor of political philosophy at Claremont McKenna College and author, most recently, of "Plato's Political Philosophy."The discussion focuses on great thinkers in the history of political philosophy, ancient and modern (Plato, Aristotle, John Locke, Karl Marx, G.W.F. Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche) and the importance of studying them in contemporary America. Visit for more information on the thinkers in question.

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