Penn & Teller Fool Us Vinny Grosso

Vinny Grosso on Penn and Teller Fool Us Season 3 Episode 5.Vinny Grosso attempts to fool Penn and Teller with a card trick featuring Carrot Top. Penn & Teller Fool Us You Dirty Rathead!#PennandTellerFoolUs season 3 episode 5

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A straight guy comment: the lady who mostly dance, to the left of James is hot, dat arse! 👍🏾👀👅💋👁👁

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Dude perfect the best

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الصورة الرمزية يا معلمة الخامس إدارة التربية والتعليم بمحافظة صبيا الاحساء الخبر القطيف الشرقية الغربية الجنوبية الوسطى عرعر الشمال الافلاج الجبيل مطلوب فورا للعمل في ما يخص الشعر في محافظة مطلوب موظفين وموظفات استقبال الضيوف في محافظة الانبار الوفي


Its the sixth where I live, RoosterTeeth: "Get your kicks on November Sixth" Or something stupid like that.

Team 5

Lol watched this 50 times already

The Knowledge Channel

Congrats Garett!

:Link "Down" Ghh "I didn't even realise how big he is" "He's so fast and strong, and the worst part is.. He's holding back"

J&S Cisneros

I have a Nerf Fortnite blaster it’s a scar

Annika Peachy

I would kill myself if I had that much pain

I didn't even know how i was supposed to explain to him that i have anxiety and depression. He wouldn't believe me.


Well the game wont look like the trailer, we know that from "previous experiences"

Me: actually, its the worst one to ever exist


Peter Griffin is a Pro hahaha

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This vid is making me hungry :|

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I think it should be tallseis

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As much as I love seeing the lebron fans and the curry fans going at we gotta face the real issue. The canadians when they come in the comments talking about winning the finals #LEBRONTO

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Sanju Kanja


That dude Joe

Rip. Dang that must've brought back scary memories.

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Dawn M.

I related to a lot of this.. it feels good to know you’re not alone. I’m still struggling but I needed to see this.

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Soulless artificial Soul beings cant incarnate can't enter the spiritual realms for obvious reasons LMFAO I wanna be a WOMAN!

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Why didn't you just adopt

Sun Star

Even with so many stories, theres still people who fall for it , blah...

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Plz interview anger

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0:58 Did anybody else see Freddy Mercury on the magazine?

Jaden Juarez

SF giants

Brianna Mulcahy


Before my nan died she asked me to sing as she loved my voice (this was before she got really sick) and I didn’t I was embarrassed to do so

Robbie Power

I’m a percussion player so I play gong


team cody

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Also, waffles or pancakes?

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Saw the Kingdom Hearts Easter egg, almost came in my pants

Thanks for all the likes 😆


How did she didn't get arrested?

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dude i love that u love philz. my dad legit knows phil tho and works with him


That last thing you did in this video is the reason I subscribed to you!

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We want hill climbing battle

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why is it that your voice always puts me in a wonderful dream state?

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a couple years later she still wears stripe shirts :/

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thanks for the tip about the volume

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Oh I wish i had that kind of money I’m poor a flip it sucks

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Who is still watching in2019 hit the like button👇👇

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All who want to see panda hit like

Darth Vader

Dylan ain't cool He' s super cool

Madison loves green

he has the same birthday as me

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ummm not scared...

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That was awesome as all your videos are can you do Easter eggs in Ratchet and Clank 2016?

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Btw that’s tuna

guess who's back,


This is the song on their very first video

Polish Filipino

It seems Anthony figured out the key to becoming popular again is through anime