On Worldbuilding: Religions [ polytheistic l Avatar TLA l Game of Thrones l Cthulhu ]

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hes not used to over celebrating shots

Amy Casas



Jawbreaker review! 💜

Gaming Proman

Do it with Liverpool

Ch Zafir

You all guys are really perfect


can I have one of the gold ball it looks so cool

_alexation _

I would have done the same thing, if I saw my friend being abused and her only escape was running away I would respect that. We live in a country we’re at a young age we are expected to have so many responsibilities but have no say about our lives and aren’t allowed to do anything for ourselves. I hope this girl wasn’t caught and is living a happy life.

@JSTCES /Old Channe\

Guru is a legend at finding easter eggs <3 Don't stop making these Guru :D

Onexshotx Blackwing

Throwback Music! from their first vid!

IRENE Nakitto


Syaza Afham

Is the people in this story islamic?


2:42 scared the shit out of me.

Deuce20 itlast

I have to say, I don't think the final round was even. The movies that Garrett had to guess were much easier than what Ty had to guess.😏


Hasn't Nerd cubed got his own easter egg in this? Could you not find it?

Delg Stonewalker



youtubecousins yeah

I had half a season of softball 🥎 and 200 hits

Dear EA please add a super hard difficulty mode so we can play this like dark souls. (Once I saw the title I knew it was him xD)

MooshrooM PlayZ

would u play with ur fans

Emma Satterfield

ty singing under water!#1:fancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Can I substitute Steakums, dehydrated potato flakes, Funyuns in the microwave? That's as gourmet as I get over Ramens.

Charlie Awerbuch

No love for Yogi Bear in Drustvar?


Hopefully Theif will have some good easter eggs

Gogo500 Beast

Johnyy sucks now he got suspended from NFL suck dick johnyy

Dawson sears

How do you play games like this walking all slow and shit?


6:14 why is the guy in the bottomright moving?

Handy Man

how long that marine been on the pelican

I Am The great

I got to know the song on the last Easter egg