Amar Hiyar Majhe| Rabindra Sangeet | Madhurima Sen

A Tagore song from Madhurima’s debut album ‘Porosh Thakuk’ inspired by and dedicated to her mother.Album : Porosh ThakukArtist : Madhurima SenLanguage : BengaliLabel :Raga Music

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it looked like it was wayyyyy off for like 3 whole seconds.but then bam! 3 POINTS!!or shall we give a bonus 100 points for the incredible creativity.

Harmony C

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I mug

this gave me tears, just thinking that your mum doesn't love you hurts, at least u now have a better life

John Donoho

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Sima Dikana

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Brian Osborne

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Amazing Anna

That’s me, at least I know that there’s someone else who is suffering this.


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