Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (Lyrics)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside with lyricsDefinitely subscribe if you're a RHCP fan!Enjoy :)LYRICS[Chorus:]How long how long will I slideSeparate my side I don'tI don't believe it's badSlit my throatIt's all I everI heard your voice through a photographI thought it up it brought up the pastOnce you know you can never go backI've got to take it on the othersideCenturies are what it meant to meA cemetery where I marry the seaStranger things could never change my mindI've got to take it on the othersideTake it on the othersideTake it onTake it on[Chorus:]How long how long will I slideSeparate my side I don'tI don't believe it's badSlit my throatIt's all I everPour my life into a paper cupThe ashtray's full and I'm spillin' my gutsShe wants to know am I still a slutI've got to take it on the othersideScarlet starlet and she's in my bedA candidate for my soul mate bledPush the trigger and pull the threadI've got to take it on the othersideTake it on the othersideTake it onTake it on[Chorus:]How long how long will I slideSeparate my side I don'tI don't believe it's badSlit my throatIt's all I everTurn me on take me for a hard rideBurn me out leave me on the othersideI yell and tell it thatIt's not my friendI tear it down I tear it downAnd then it's born again[Chorus:]How long how long will I slideSeparate my side I don'tI don't believe it's badSlit my throatIt's all I everHow long I don't believe it's badSlit my throatIt's all I everCalifornication - Dani California - Can't Stop - Under The BridgeJason Derulo "The Other Side" LyricsAdele - Otherside

Pure and Absolute Hell.


I do hope you guys like this one, It was one of the more requested videos I've gotten recently. I wasn't enjoying making this video too much surprisingly but I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope to do Gears of War next (my favourite series for easter eggs). There should hopefully be a new video out next week too.  The teacher's pet

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2:39 wrong. the teleport plasmid got taken out not because it didn't work the plasmid was fine it got taken out cause it would ruin scripted events in bioshock