The Conversion of Abraham to Judaism Christianity and Islam

Abraham is often described as the common father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three traditions that venerate his memory. Noted Harvard Professor of Jewish Studies, Jon D. Levenson argues that Abraham both separates and links the surviving Abrahamic religious communities and does so in interesting ways. Series: "Humanitas" [3/2006] [Humanities] [Show ID: 11497]

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Notice how the letters from the Ascension easter egg from 11:06 foreward spell "LUNA"

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Anyone watching this because of the behind the scenes video



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garretts baseball rope was ssssooooooooooooo funny

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wow what a sweet ending to the zombies series hope they bring it back again but I will understand if they don't curious what that whole thing about the we will make everything ok and the my dad has a plan is.

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In dying light theres a left 4 bread easter egg^^

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This is sweet, but Rage Brothers amazing basketball shots is better. Craziest shots ever.

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Damn. It’s true.

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Saya tidak bisa ngomong bhs inggris

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I love ur Videos, that music, that Explanations. Just Perfect

I didn't realize you needed to walk through the crowd.

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office stereotypes??

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I’ve been a fan since Gears 2.... and from that moment, Dominic Santiago became my fav character in the series 😥😢


A: Talk about your problems, going to a marriage counselor, and trying to fix it like a normal married couple


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0:37 Song name


You should do it with Antonio Brown

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Round 1- fancy Round 2-remind me

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This better make sense! If not a crusade is coming!!!