El Paraldo,Pedro Lemus Oluwo Otura Niko

Fraternidad Ifa de las Americas. 2012

Cebastian Conkin

Baseball? Or basketball?

partap vadher Maldebhai vadher

, sid exit

Đhouha Dougjfkfkfkfk

My grandpa died 3 years ago I got over it after a day I feel so bad

Sheldon Hudson

Watch dogs is turning into saints row

Kyle Louis

thumbs up if you thought it was gonna hit the TV board at 0:23

Kushagra Gupta

Who's that inside a panda costume?

My heart just broke

The moral of the story is; it's up to you. If you want to keep trying to have a baby then keep trying. If you want to adopt then adopt. If you're happy not having a child then don't let anyone pressure you to change your mind....

Daniel's Cool Days

your littering

Maysoon Ali

Poor Mary. I hate bullies with all of my heart they do not deserve to be human.


Do this in the soccer too

Sirleide Gomes Santos Da Silva


Luke Schock

I take it no watch dogs 2 video?

Logan W



1:27 Holy shit, that beard! lol

Sanath Chaze

Ty should grow a goatee

Skeeter's Skills

where was the trick shot? the "5 pointer"? did i miss something? lame

Nicarico Music

Viewer : How much yes do you need?Youtube : yes

Epic Gaming 56

Purple hoser

Rhiannon Fish

I have been to Outback Steakhouse a total of three times and all three times I was served shoe leather. Recently a Texas Steakhouse has come to my town, I have been to heaven and it is Texas Steakhouse Rolls and butter. The steak was pretty awesome also.

Keke Sain

you make good teammates

Ayden Amundsen

Imagine how frickin bloody that water would be after

Stacy Lee


ĐHH Official

I think that always has a rage monster in each stereotypes episode


ty gets most of the shots


In Miles’ contacts, you can see the name Jason Reynolds. He also wrote a book named “Miles Morales: Spider-Man”

Littleblondie RBLX

Cancer itself is an ASSHOLE.

Kl6ch x

Wait so the woman’s watch is worth under $4 what???????

Samir Paez

Love your content dude! Honestly you should have more subs.

Me: pfft

Asad Ghouri

best ending :)

Smriti Anand

The drawings in the video make all of quite emotional

God Ivan Villarte

Tie wy did you shave

red red

Fuck this dude he is stupid

Aceplayz YT

I only fear relationships

fabian rivera

that thumbnail

DAVE Davidson

legacy of goku remake


Gresh mon

It makes me want to play this game because the bobblehead

Anna H

i’m fighting with my parents about really stupid stuff but ur video really calmed me down! thank you

S. Albertsen

I have even more questions than before

free fire

Есть русские ставь лайк

666PsycoGirl 666

I love these vids because it helps me see that there are more people out there like me


3:08 Like if you saw the camera man waving! 😂

Fred Foulkes

So that's where you've been

Memes TEARS!

Jordan Hill

Who loves the ACE Family

Someone From GT :DDD

Nah Soviet Union Is better m8


Anyone else asking "anyone watching in 2018" to get likes

feel good videos

Eagerly waiting fr dis masterpiece from India😍😍


Mugen Acz

Curry is now begging his daddy KD to play with 1 leg next game... LMAO !!!!!!

THAT BEING SAID I think I speak for all of your female listeners who eventually want kids in that your description of birth made me never wanna do that ever lol. Hila when you come back can you please set the record straight and assure us it isn't that bad??



16:10 When I was playing and I heard that I ran the fuck outta that village.

Chewy The Wolf :3

I feel bad for her 😔

Ky Duyen Huynh


Declan Jones

how do they make itlike 99.8% of the timelets gooooooooooooooooooooooooo