Greg Graffin - God Song (Bad Religion)

Greg Graffin plays acoustic songs from his other band Bad Religion.

Edit: I know I'm a year late... But better late then never

Nate Marshall

awsome shots

Hiba Nazriya

Dude, they are really Perfect..

anthony rodriguez

I dident know wasting the world's food supply is awesome


theres an egg on your head and the yolk is running down

Im pretty sure ..

Richard Moreno

This is my home town! :D

Will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith (Woo)

Anthony Sustaita

The virginity is strong in this video

Sophia Lobo

i will try to do the same.

Leland Jensen

How do you guys think of that stuff and get everything in the right place


Pilipinos? Where are u? If ur a Filipino like this comment

Addison Playz

You guys are so stupied that it's awsome

- Bhreac

Awesome job Hila! Glad to hear that both she and little Teddy are healthy. Yinz are gonna be great parents.

Steven Petro

6:34 how can u make that and I can’t even hit one in normal bowling


Wolfie Q

That last message made me tear up

Endermanof Emeralds

I’m assuming they don’t know how shadows work...

Wolfangel AJ

The ending tho...

Patrick Sean Biscuit

what about la noire

pratap virk


Aryan poorasad

Hey look Easter eggs!!

EL sicario hit

El bárbaro tardo cómo 2 o 3 años v:

Rebecca Wetter


DPR flawless

Call me by your name omg


I brought my lunch to school but I forgot it at home.


Kyle Robidoux

You forgot to add the Dennis to the mac and cheese

ba ko wiklauri

we love you ty you are so amazing but i have 1 question. are you guys gonna comein georgia? pleas tell my

Raj Sran

At night I start crying I can't take it my brother makes me get stuff for him and he's 17 I'm a girl that is 8 it is not fair so I cry ever night I can't take it

Mom: u’ll have plenty of time to rest after u come back

ŸøÛTūbė ÇøöKîë

As soon as it start I bursted out in tears You are not ugly.


Who knows how much pain the editors go through to edit short clips for viewers to listen to music during Trick Shots? (You will realize when you actually listen to the song)

Laser Tazer

Thanks for making all the bitchy girls in my school occupied