Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments

The TOP 10 FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy moments & Disney fails at the Disneyland Park in California and Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Florida. *** DON"T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ►◄These are the best, funniest moments and fails with Darth Vader from the Jedi Training Academy. ►Top 10 Star Wars Jedi Training Fails Part 2: a video you want to share? Submit it here!* ►◄Original Clips used (in order they appear)Intro Montageto the Dark Side at Disneyland Darth Vader at Jedi Training Jedi Training Academy - Limited Time Magic - Disney's Hollywood Studios Poor Darth Vader(Light Saber Fail) Drake's Disney Dark Side Fail Funniest Disneyland Jedi Academy Disney Darth Vader FailDarth Vader gets ownedGirl hits Darth Vader in the head Star Wars Jedi Training -Jedi really goes for Darth Vader


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Joseph Foster

Anyone else who has played Legacy of kain notice how the girl crying at 23:25 in sounds like one of the crying ghosts in Legacy of Kain Defiance?

Wazzup Baby


just the easter eggs, a short written description, and my utter satisfaction.



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Anya Vinn

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Leigh Paxton

Was it just me or did vikk keep changing his age?



10:19 they look evil omg

Gionne Capangpangan



the eifel tower


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Mr. Epic Turtle Music

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Wii Sports in Real Life

Bum Child

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lachu kamalu

Is it just me or was this video all over the place ? I didn't understand what was happening until the very end

Sam Good

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red saaryn

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I always check your channel for the asmr in movies part.3 , and then I found this! Pleasantly surprised , this is great work, still waiting on that video though😂


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