Latin Christian Worship Music (1 hour non-stop)

A Great Collection of Strictly Latin Christian Worship Songs. Tracks from Christine D'Clario, Paul Wilbur, Ingrid Rosario and More.Tracklisting:1.Christine D'Clario 'Como Dijiste'2.Christine D'Clario 'En El Trono Está'3.Christine D'Clario 'Rey'4.Ingrid Rosario 'Que Se Llene Tu Casa'5.Ingrid Rosario 'Digno Y Santo'6.Paul Wilbur 'Conmigo Danza'7.Paul Wilbur 'La canción de Ezequiel'8.Julissa 'El Gran Yo Soy'9.Jacobo Ramos 'Si Acaso Se Me Olvida'10.Alejandra 'Seras la Luz'11.Aline Barros 'El Poder De Tu Amor'12.Aline Barros 'Por Amor'13.Danilo Montero 'Revelacion'14.Danilo Montero 'Salmo 84'15.Julissa 'Escucharte Hablar'


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I am Inevitable

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I honestly think they aren't that bad parents but they are not capable of raising a child.

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if you really think about it, that truck tells a sad story, a teen drives the truck as we can tell from many hints in toystory 1 (music, driving experience, ect) and we see it in monsters inc and bugs life outside a run down mobile home, i think it tells the story of a boy trying to support his mom by getting a job and giving up on school (gathered from the way he talks in monster inc assuming the child wearing  the possible work hat is indeed the driver of the truck),presumably because his father left  (hence why he had  to call his mother in to deal with randal in Monsters inc instead of a dad who statistically should have been much stronger and capable of dealing with  a reptilian intruder, plus the work vehicle was outside so all family members who had a job should be present in the house at that time) plus the house is obviously in poor condition, which can occur when someone is depressed and just stops caring ( say like a single mother who just got ran out on by a dead beat dad)


2:24He proteccHe attaccBut most importantly,He’s in heaven, making himself a snacc

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Shout out to the other Pilipina/Pilipino out there!

Army 111


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3:38 It so sad we lost an icon, a hero and a friend of the marvel universe. babish: doesnt use macaroni...

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who the hell disliked this wholesome gem