Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Official Music Video)

Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us (Official Video)Listen on Spotify -on Apple Music -- Sade Website - - - - always hope that you rememberWe'll never really learn the meaning of it allWhat we have is strong and tenderSo hold onIn the middle of the madnessWhen the time is running out and you're left aloneAll I want is you to know thatIt's strong stillCan't pull us apart Nothing can comeBetween usNothing can pull us apartCan comeBetween us I always hope that you rememberWhat we have is strong and tenderIn the middle of the madnessHold on So it truly is a good thingAnd I always wanted you to knowThere is always thisAnd this is everlastingHold on It's about faithIt's about trust, yeah yeahIt's about faithIt's about trust Nothing can comeNothing can comeNothing can come between usNothing can comeNothing can comeNothing can come between us Can comeCan tearCan pullUs apart Can comeCan tearCan pullUs apart#Sade #NothingCanComeBetweenUs #Vevo #RandB #OfficialMusicVideo

Jarno Langenbach

who's watching in 2017?

Patrick Gaddis

billy all the way

Michael Corrao

Sometimes i wonder........IF I WILL EVER DO THESE AMAZING THINGS


I think the Lilith shrine was a reveal to Borderlands 2, showing that she will have a more significant role in the game...

Ryan Lovelace

After this video was mad Tyson played a year with the Mavericks...

Jeremiah De jesua

Super funny on the world


Tom Brady

Chris RJ

A much better choice of a wall to build than others.


howd u get permission to get a hoop at a airplane hanger

Why dont we go and help those people trapped in N.K???

Julio Nunez

I want cory to win


That is why Halle Berry is a waifu... Full clearing those wings.

Ariana Alves

i couldn’t watch the last minute of this video.. it hurts my soul 😢 #ripdobby

Emzy Playz

I would have sued my doctor


U smawt, u lowyal, I appreci8 u, another 1


Pratith Butala



Her face is like a high class porcelain toilet seat.

thottimus prime

omg who else is still waiting for their dad to come back from McDonald's

Gods - Remix

In number two the beast actually Tears off that bottom piece and u can see it fly off his claw and onto the ground

Vicente Ayala

i fart😶

Tito Reyes

Jungkook has grown so much 💜this video made me cry

Jesse Levy

Upload more


1 like= 1 heart to Kyle Lowry

Add five to your age

Spidey Gamer

Why does the guy look like Peter B.Parker?


I'm sure the jets giants or cowboys will take em...

Tom Walton

lacrosse is the NUMBER one gayest sport on earth.


What VR headset did you use

Ashlyn Hackler

#YIAYjob jacksfilms editor

Evan Jordan

Like how surfers have fidget spinners

Ashton Powers

why would we like because yall were stepping on a dog

Logic, NF,and Eminem all in one song

AngelGimrzCoolness2019 The Moonwalker

I Didn't want to fight because I don't hurt the bully but I could do dance fight and I won but I felt bad

Immediately pre-orders

Amelia Collett

Im now 17 but i had a baby at 12

David Minasyan

O may gad

Football Beast18

Is it just me or does anyone else play Lacrosse

Mandy Dulle

The vocab words are like grade nine English lol


Do a harambe investigation theory

Spaceconquerer 9000

The front flip flipper was the best trick shot dp has ever done

Carolyn Tasco

tyree With the sam.D there anything else that I am a very long, I will not only did the last two weeks ago. the other 77 I am 721735594616315&adbpl, I

ZombieGod 011

eddie is Edward richtofen and fluffy is the hell hounds because in black ops one of the direct statement in the moon easter egg references o dog (hell hound) named fluffy mind blow right there!

Taha qureshi

This mans let Katya Henry drift away

Ivy J.

This is the funniest shit lmaooooooooooo

Morg A2

I realize a bit more that mankind sucks ._.

Samantha jane

I’m an addict

ambi kanzzz

Dude Perfect you guys ALL OF YOU need to be in NBA plz do a vid on dunks without trampoline!!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE


Did you really animated the jacket of the heavy rain game or what ??


at 1:40 that was fuking unbelievable fuking nicee