Inspiring Heather Dorniden Takes a Fall But Still Wins the Race

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Me:which bike should I take today? Oh wait I only have one......

Xavier Bennett

Maggie Howell

this is such a touching and beautiful story




I bet the big 'monster' at the end of the trailer is actually harmless

Spidey Hatton


Basketball/fishing with the Boys

Y’all need to do a dunk contest

Jace Olinger

Junior dude

Mary Alday

I feel like she looks a little sad :/ I hope I’m wrong.

Doroeieie Eeeho

Now there are more deppressed people in the comments

Levi Poling

His name should be the Handsome Blaster


im scared ;-;

Pisces HitEm

Honestly fuck those abusive assholes. This story makes me cry, because this is not alright.

Detective Liliy


Umme Rukaia Binte NUR

I can feel your pain's also happened with me but not that much....u r so brave....sweety...

Gavin Gaming

What if remembering them makes me cry


The Silent Hill Eggs make me so sad, that I won't get the Kojima Silent Hill, might have taken 19 years to come out, but it would have been awesome! That is sadness I will take to my grave wondering what could have been!


Buy a plane ticket and leave far away

The Pro Club


I cant find the items that were dropped

Edit: This vid got us (me and my friend) laughing and on the floor dying from laughter

Juwairia Zubair

You should film Cavani and nuer

gaming with edward

Why is this story Sound familiar


i like all the star wars movie and video games and other stuff and easter eggs my ranking on all movies

Alyssa McAndrew

I cant be the only one who thought before reading the title that this was Corey Shearer animated.

douglas ganim

this guy is so athletic


```olha só meu UTT°¶

A week later he was walking, I went on a trip then... my friend told me he was in a coma

Faze_ Hectic

I'm so happy coby changed his hair in 2016

Tom Waterson

do more bro moe stuff

Maranda Scocos


Bob Bee

Ur story made me cry.

Frances Merced