Best Christopher Hitchens Arguments 7 Hour Compilation! Debate, Interview, and Lecture Footage

Archmagos Azrael Grimm

Ill stick with meat thanks, and I wont complain if/when I become ill as long as other dont say "I told you so" when I start dying of various stupid things Ive done

Explodin Cow

0:28 oh... a convieneit bascketball hoop in the middle of a jungle. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Landry Randolph

Sorry for crying 🤷🏼‍♂️


Thanks to youtube the job of these guys is to throw bottles.

Tim James



From some fake old shit

Miyuki Cassidy

She’s alive! Fffffffffffffff

Life by judging him.


I’ve been diagnosed with BPD and have all of the symptoms, but for some reason I don’t believe I have it. it

Undead Animations

i ThOuGhT yOu WeRe AmErIcAn

Koala Huggles

I've been thinking a lot about things like what my dreams are, and I honestly didn't know. However, when the video mentioned that small goals are important as well, I suddenly remembered small things leads to big ones. So, I'll take one step at a time, small wishes I will grant for myself & soon, I'll find out what I want. Thank you <3

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I've been subbed to you for a while now but I just want to say how I really appreciate how you actually interact in the comments with your subscribers, but also at how you never fail to bring us quality videos. Thank you and like always great video.

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Do he know that he winter of 2019 doesn’t even arrived yet?😂😂

Devin C


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So this actually happened to bijuumike


Ty wore the Goalie pads wrong LOL

Ruthy D

there's no Garret

The Jalapeños

Lego derps

Jeanna Pierce

Tyler needs to keep winning

Jeffy Paul

0:01 every time I do this the bag ends up ripping



I swear I thought that was the lyrics

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Emma: Oooooooooo! I don’t care 😒😂

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Sharks are kinda cute

harif rahath

But unlike is54

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4:19 though

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you are awesome


Teen Titans Go is underrated, people are acting butthurt and jump in the hate train because everyone else is, how could you guys praise Lego Batman but hate TTG.... A SPINOFF, not a continuation...smh

Anthony Guarino


Elite Ethan

Who came back for a throwback after watching Epic Trick Shot Battle 3???

Fixer SK

Also, in act 4, when you play the first or second mgs, you will need to crouch trough a tunell. Then,when you go back to MGS4, you have the option to go trough the tunell as well. If you go trough it, you will hear an audio message. I didnt exactly hear what was it talking about, but its interesting!

Night Hawk

Legend of Zelda 2 where you don’t save Zelda

Figured out her fast drawing technique.

It’s Zozo

Ty: say we go skiing and it’s cold outside 20 degrees

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Did anyone notice the DJ. Khaled name tag from 2:00-2:10?

CM Crimson

Kim Jong un

Love you, Jung Kookie oppa ❤️❤️.

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I’m a tomboy and I hate sports

Koko Ya

You aint a steph curry fan man all you do is hate the man


that last one was just retarded :/

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guru kill me pliz

nathan rain emerald team

jadi ty

ChixraLovesBangtan -

tralasciando in trailer che mi ha fatto confondere più di prima...VOGLIAMO PARLARE DI QUANTO SIA BELLA ELSA CIOÈ

II Raspberry Cupcake II

Oh my god the thing with Queen reminds me of my mom “DONT PLAY THAT IN THIS HOUSE ITS WRONG AND HES JUST REALLY CONFUSED”