Tambor Palma Soriano 3 - Présentation de Ochún

Présentation d'une nouvelle Ochún aux tambours bata à Palma Soriano. Tambour de Pipo (Santiago de Cuba). Akpwon : Taraban

Remi Lalaque

Hurgh. I am sure this story is really exagerated. And everyone say "they can't make a joke about this.". Like if they had to ? Other stories even if not told in that way were as much terrible. She just lost a guy she loved. Thousands of peoples deal with this casually so there is no reason to make a tragedy about it.

Alan Gherkin

Maybe the Faith easter egg may point to faith becoming a military runner?

Gta 5 gamer

Go australia

Linda Gantz

It would suck to play a game of horse with those guys.

Ben Shapiro

thank you for the jumpscare warning

Jelle 078

You did your best thats all you can do. Please neverstop doing easter eggs i dont know alot of good eg account and indeed text only is better then voice. Also your a nice youtuber this is my 6th comment and you commented on my 4 other reactions already i like when youtubers are social but somewhere it will stop i mean you are already at 400K so you can answere everything. Thank you for the great EG


How to get subs. Befriend other YouTubers


I almost 1-2 days on a week.


@atlanticwindowwall troll harder

Jameson Norton

2019 anyone

Adam Thomson

USA is full of cheaters, Armstrong for example.

Frederick Clague

Anyone coming because of the 2018 winter olympics and looking for a throwback?

cole the reviewer

guru are you gonna do battlefeild 4 easter eggs? It so weird seeing Snake smile

Victoria Lima

yeah thats not ok

Emanuel Fernandez

What is the name of the music?

jaxon rose

who here favriot player is odell



Min Min

so amazing!

gavin landmark

To who ever disliked this video did you see all of the trash my friends dad was raised in Africa like if you agree

Eric Mullis

how do you come up with these trick shots

Sabastian Robar

Well, this is gettin played all weekend

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xp games

U havent upload a video in a long time

Serenity Rodrigues

All the girls sound the same,.


That's the easter egg!


Jesse James 777

Hahaha the pizza guy at the end