George Carlin - Unmasked with George Carlin

Rachel Connor

film stephen curry

Anonymous Incognito

1:31 Hurray!

Desiree Varela

How is he the jerk when you poured champagne on him because he was being really rude and “made you get fired” basically. I understand we’re all humans and make mistakes but you kept bugging him after he said “leave it.” If you would’ve left him and maybe just gave him a stack of napkins you wouldn’t have nearly lost your job.

They need to take time to make something good? They started developing GTAIV right after developing SA (4 years) and only spent 2 years on San Andreas.

Chase Gregston

Ty ty

Rick Moon

At 7:22 its a black box from Team Fortress 2

Her: iTs NOt liKe I HaTE gAy PeoPLe I jUSt dOnT aGRee wHiTH THem ExisING! bUt LikE, nO HomOphOBe!

Jahot Sidauruk

I like because this is my faforite film l am in indonesia



Bilhete Ferreira

Great vid, keep up brother

My Hopes: 🤩

David Miller

At 1:46 that looks like it hurt.


Cory’s eyebrows do

Dilruba Akter

The last shot of tyler.

The town, he won, and made afray:


Oh and the one for The Walking Dead references Episode 1, not 2. Thanks to all the people telling me I'm wrong. Thanks so much, it means a lot. Thanks. Really thanks. thanks.

Kaushal Sona

Last one 😍😍


some of them arent ment to be an easter egg,like the "Sain Lidia" one.This ship model is one of models for source engine

Brandon Carlson

Where Katya at though?

skim malk

I started crying by the time she stared saying she was at birth

Pootis Man

Went here just as I was notificated :D

Joan Hill

Ashlee...What you did was pretty understandable for a kid your age. It is not your fault that your mom died. Your mom loved you very much, and I know that she wouldn't want you to blame yourself for her death. 😢😊


in 16:10 did the zombie turn into president kennedy.


tbh cant wait for Bully 2

Janaya Russell

“ look at my slime guys “ 😍😍😍 melted my heard!


This is amazing art and story telling <3


Alina Ali

Oh Thank You sooo much for making a Harry Potter version 😊

Johnny Farley

You should have a baseball field outback!

Antonio Cardiel



Anyone else so confused??


Dang, I miss Stan Lee

sara talks

Omg I'm crying and I don't even know why?!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭