Kaya Yanar - Deutsche in Hollywood - 1LIVE Köln Comedy-Nacht XXL 2018

Kaya Yanar hasst das Fliegen und Flughäfen, verursacht gerne Panik am Gepäckband und kommt mit der modernen Technik nicht mehr klar. Dafür liebt er Filme über alles, auch Bollywood-Filme! Aber warum sind Deutsche in Hollywood immer die Bösen? Die ganze Folge auf MySpass: Jetzt Abonnieren: zum Download erhältlich:Amazon:¹iTunes:¹MySpass bei facebook:MySpass bei twitter: Affiliate Link


lol the drawn boy/girl looks like my crush


both the story and the art in this video are beautiful 💘

Cristian Martinez

I’m unsubbinh after seeing this



No one cant be better than me previall axcel beiter x10 protur

Rory Smith

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Adolf Shitler

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Saige Garcia

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Ana B

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Shuk kiu Ma

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Roger Guevara

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Cassie Stoddard

Well.... this sucks 😓

krisha primta

I'mma cry

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Narinder Ralhan

Coby will win


Ya the  U.S Olimpics are good to bad Canada wins EVERY year. :) 

Vadiraj Joshi

Please make on wave board

Ollie C

I’m glad it was only Coby and Cory. With the others it would’ve been less emotional


It really does blow me away as to how amazing your content is <3


Caleb Forslund

Manziel did good those first two games, I'm surprised they yanked him out quickly.

Orbus XV

I'm probably gonna get a lot of backlash for what I'm about to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Erin Jia

This made me cry. Like if u agree😭


lmao he tried so hard to make it 10min+

kenna brakefield

I live in flordia

TIEBLOE Paalupaikka

I can't wait for this to become a cool series!

Mr Zombie

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Utter Non-Cents

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black pink



Glad to see the Guru has a fun side. :)


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Esploda X

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Jacob Bronson Guy

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Jack E

Dang this video is already 4 years old. I remember watching it when it first came out

Jacob Mayo

60 yard field goal was mine

King Horker

13:05 thats no moon!

Jessica Healey

who else is here for the comments lmao

Meghan Cloos


I love you mom


I like yourvids


Farhan Sadik

Guess what everyone’s wearing for Halloween😑


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Lanzell Smith

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Derrick Kerr

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