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Felipe Sales

4:11 wtf

unicorn winniecorn

am I an introvert? MIN VIDEO

That female BF is too much of a doormat tbh. Would've given him the finger everytime I see him and told the damn truth about him to everyone I know.

Kyle Sanderson

He just commandoed that ropes ass!

月の子Boba child

Wait my crush irl looks just like him and his name is Alex but he’s actually amazingly nice

Dany Fairuzy

Anyone watching this while eating meat?

Guala Nejo

so basically the old bond was a rapist and sexual abuser?


I didn't even know that dude perfect was a thing 5 years ago

Jeremy Zhao

wait I want that toaster

Dillon Salazar

Make another one

Elite Dog

nova totally founded the dildo bat one... :3


well third and yessh

Suzanne Maule

This is why pandas are an endangered species

CarlPoppa 22

lovin the vids bro

Julie Trash

My parents found out about my depression before I did.


Oof Oof

"giant ramen calls for a giant bowl"

Moonlight Gleam

The Black Hole..... if that isn’t my dads car...

LeeZyrAx 111

How about the dawn guard of dawnguard dlc of skyrim ? they have a similar name and almost litteraly the same armor that the night watch .

Death Sentry




Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton (were political rivals, dueled against each other)