WARNING: Pope Francis Calls For One World Religion! Calling Jesus A 'Failure'? BLASPHEMY!

A False Prophet Pope Francis is calling for One World Religion to bring all religions together. Pope says Jesus life ended in failure on the cross! What a blasphemy!

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You are such a good person at motivating people!

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I don't know what I am. I imagine myself being awesome and cool around people. But as soon as I get to school, I make myself as small as possible and don't talk till I get back home. Help?

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Cory yaaa

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Could have be mine story. Thanks for sharing and inspiring to get back on my own path <3

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Tyler is the most funny

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2237 ft is garret I help u

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It is, if you read what it said, it's six years in the making, GTA: SA was released 6 years before Red Dead Redemption

And have a learning time to!

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I’m totally the buttery popcorn guy

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did anyone see DJ kahled on the planes radar in the beginning of the video lol

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My sister cried and peed on the chair while whatching this


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omg i also believed that I have to remember someone for them to breath o-o


"YoUr nOt GoNnA HaVe tO sHaVe YoUr EyEbRoWs"


this is the best video covering the easter egg i've see, quick and to the point not like the other ones try to milk the shit out of the video until it hit 10 min

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Pringle does Gacha and more!

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I like to drive rc cars

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I’m literally crying so hard and that’s not a joke😭

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Just a dream lol

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Lily lovesLilypads :3

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1:06 "I'm a man living as a woman"?

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Where he wentHeaven BellyHospitalHomeThe hospitalWith dude perfect back to heaven


What's gross about SPAM exactly?

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My favourite baseball team is the Toronto Bluejays

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If you profile some people there's a small chance that you will find profile descriptions which read "former Abstergo employee" you can find footage of this Easter egg in YouTube videos that claim to link watchdogs to the assassin's creed universe. Or probably find pictures of screenshots on google if you word the search just right

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Strike four... What??????

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