Oración Milagrosa y Poderosa a Oshun para el Amor.(Leída)

Esta es la oración a Oshun mas poderosa para amarres de amor trabaja de por vida.Aqui encontraras mas Oraciones

Rolling Redneck

Is this a lie????

Andy Buchsbaum

My favorite dunk is Ty’s signature dunk

Puginator PugZLieZ


Jacob Plummer

PANDA ON STERIODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Gibson

you guys should try to see who can throw a football the farthest. 80 yards?

Alanna Ball

This is the best video I've ever seen😂😂😂

Elan Davids

that blood game loves the shining

The Wyzzard

0:07 LUCKY!


Ablad en español

Stampytrain C and S


Regina Indah Cahyani


Brenda Jones



14:31 ack Kristin is wearing my swimsuit

Glenn Chisholm

I did not know sharks were that close to the shore now im scared to go swimming


At 5:30 You forgot the Board Games The Game of Life And i Think i see a Monopoly one too

The 2 cool gamers


Phantom _304

Its good that ypur safe now.


All of these are so inspiring

Mr Boi

3:07 did that hammer just went straight through the counter?

Bruce Wayne

I'm surprised you didn't add the Legend of Zelda easter egg. When Ellie finds the note on the wall a little after the brick scene, there is the legend of zelda emblem, minus the triforce, below it. 



Jonathan Rollins

Lacrosse is boring

Hyper Hijiri

me when fortnite crossbow comes back lol its gone :(

Matboy Jubelag

My favorite thing is that Cody was hit in the face


who is panda?

Benjamin Lake

Honestly thought that this was a (Pikachu=Ash's dad) theory based on the thumbnail...

Nate SoFla

Anything w golf = like from me

GachaStarxelly !!

My family is the opposite

Ranjit Narang


Timothy Lee

2019 anyone?


I bet garret was in the truck

ES 707

what about that part when he goes to jail for being a woman beater

Anna Ofori-Som

Take a shot every time they interrupt each other

ellie newton

i have OCD all my frends help me tho and thy understand

Chris Foro

in the first easter egg it took me like 16:45 to beat the game

Zelma Lockett

6:56 fortnite default

Marilyn Monroe

Lil Baby fr using the same lyrics tho.... he said “I’ll get my youngins to snatch yo chain for a thousand” he said that in “Yes Indeed” with Drake.... Still go hard tho

I am looking through your window

Ned Looks like Logan paul

Return him all the things he bought for you !

MRS Sønico

Anywone from brazil.. Im from brazil