Iyanla Vanzant Yoruba Priestess & Ancestral Worship


and wtf sam b is using sharp weapons ??? sam b = blut weapons

Trashy. Potato

They forgot Chanel office XD



forma films

Who’s the panda?

Brimmer Ramirez

yoo aqui ativo desde Republica Domicana

AshtonKing Gaming

Oh look someone with BPD like me yay

Senioleen David

That's oerf

Sachin Shah

Panda fans Like

Alexander Greiner

November And December 2018? How about 2019??

jordin stafford

What about the outlast one you said in one of your videos

Łuna Møøn

My parents divorced too....

Logannn 07

Ew your nasty sksksksskskskskkskskskskskssk

Smart Bomb

CHRONO TRIGGER. Not a remaster but a redo like the upcoming FF7!!

Jyoti Satapathy

Westing iPhone




I really do appreciate the guitars in rock it's just like a lot of people think Dubstep sounds the same, I think Rock sounds the same a lot of the time.

Universal Basic Income should come from taxing the wealth produced by automation (robot made money). This way it does not come from the hours work of other people,, so it isn't unfair. Also those who work and earn money will have their basic income plus their works pay, so that's a great advantage.

Scott Lombardi

I swear it looked like Ty wasn’t really trying during the football throw. If it would have just been the regular crew he would’ve hit 4 or 5 out of 5.

Meg Hester

Charley Biles



Anyone watching in 2017?



DCv.s. Marvel3254

Where was garret? You should have put him and panda on the teams.

small bob

Yaaa me


WTF made up this B/S list ? There's very little ASMR on any of this claptrap.

Rainbow Cookies

She still had cancer in the end...

hhh hhh



No one:


Cod Bo2 Zombies Storyline Is So Confusing Like it makes no sense because the storyline is on diffrent maps but its like Richtofen and that Its Hard

Kaleb Tingen

the jumps cares suck




I honestly think they aren't that bad parents but they are not capable of raising a child.

GoPro Steep

1:00 I Don’t know what coby means

C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r

I'm Romanian and came to Ireland and still live here. I don't get bullied. And we all wear uniforms, so that's a mistake. I only kind of get made fun of because I sound American but not bullying. |

Ellaine Ferrer

The world is so cruel, and I wished everyone loved each other. But then again, I realize friendships and relationships wouldn't be so special knowing that everyone loved each other.

Damian Gaitan

this is probably one of my favorite videos so far from you keep up the good work


DPeditors for the win!

koua xiong


Crepasta Omg

Omg 😲 I’m so sorry 😭

But what's with the beebing?

Amrita Shukla

Thankyou 10. get shot with 100 paint balls

Tony K

Cowboy should train and take time off then fight he fights to much

RC Wizard

Rip lv1s. Not only because they’ve been in water, they’ve been dry fired

Michael Fleming

Coolio Julio

Hilary McKenzie

I feel so bad for her please pray that she gets her sister back