What Your Bicep Curl Says About You

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Alex Tanner

Best into ever!

P.s that guy can rot in hell.


the panda was definitly garret!

flexorangecounty x

Is this Gloom ??

Misqueen Yaqueen

2019 anyone?

Jamai Karstens

When the people of NY want a seawall who doesn’t sink as well as a well-thought efflux water system for the rain: just call the Dutch!! We’ll fix it!

gevain TV

one word is just el classico


Think about how many times they might miss each shot though before they get it? That and they very obviously love what they are doing. I watch the videos for their reactions just as much as the actual shots.

Donald Horbett

Why does he have a pistol with him. Mabel there is a crazy guy on the loose

pATRICIA grieco

“Your always In The Bathroom When We Score” “HE’S ALWAYS IN THE BATHROOM!” lol

cool man

Yes he willSome time

Magic TV.

que cancion es la del minuto 5:00

Brandon-lee Swales

Call the shot “shooting hoops”

Smergle Derf

lol...i find it pretty funny how short and chubby people are in that game


Isn't the first one also a reference to the offspring song?

Rod Hunte

Serena is so fantastic 2019 =)

Lm Lm

Baker See My Channel


wait so guy or girl?

Halo 0O

I think ish is pretty much dead...in the sewers there is a painting drawn by a child in which there are two people wearing military outfits..one is ish and some other person too i dont remember his name...and in the same sewers there is room where there are two clickers wearing those miliatry outfits ..soo in my opinion ish is now infected and dead unless you didnt open that room and killed those clickers lol

Beth Marta

Chicago Cubs

Pierce's Videos

can you guys do a bowling 🎳 trick shots 3 video please thank you very much

Goldenboy 1919

can that seemingly dead jar jar be in everything star wars?

ian manuel

Dark Comedy get it

Duane Baker

I want to try some of them trick shots

Elliot Steneudde


Vojtech Karban


Simon Lynx

There is also a reference at Papers, Please in Chapter 11.

silver lord films

what does that gta one mean

Dean Farbrace

The editing in these videos has progressed so much. I love it.

javier hernandez

genial bad bunny

Clint Evans



Guys i found the song used in the video. I uploaded it in my channel.Make sure to watch and like!

Jeylocity 04

A Foosball Table!


I have been through all 8 for 3or 3 years and I don't know if that's ok BC im only ten and I have attempted suicide stuff and kinda cutting

Devin Cruz

Yo guru why u gotta do Atreus like that lol

Element GAMING

did i hear Minecraft music at the end?

/¯ ¯\

Eva Maria Barbosa

That's wasawesome.


I still remember watching the Powerpuff girl innuendo and laughing so much. Anyways nice vid guru!

Nigel colledge

Poor mike


After making this video she goes home and then we never hear from her again.


Shadmän incoming

Greta Honsberger

Like if in 2076


Looks beautiful but the AI looks about as smart as a rock.

Thyne de Waal

wats onder dat hat

Kevin Castro Casanova

Just waiting on how The Witcher's 3 DLC will bitchslap this game, and will be just the DLC lol

Epicmann 333

I want a snow day

Paul CI

This is the best video of yours



Kim Yejin

Aaaaa i can't wait to see it. TT_TT

RC pranks15

Sounds fake


Are you able to get back to the earth AFTER the rockets hit?

Ri ya

This shit is so lit!

Chi Ling

Stupidest relationships love💯😂


Pi is not 3.25463...