Poison Idea - Latest Will and Testament (Full Album) HQ

-------OPEN DESCRIPTION FOR INFO-------I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS, ALL CREDITS GOES TO POISON IDEA BAND. THIS UPLOAD IS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT.Band: Poison IdeaCountry Of Origin: U.S.A.Album: Latest Will And TestamentGenre: Hardcore PunkYear: 2006Lineup:Jerry A.-VocalsTom "Pig Champion" Roberts-GuitarsChris Carey-BassChris Cuthbert-DrumsJimmy Taylor-GuitarTracklist:1. The Number One2. Jihad Love 3. Factor X4. Kill The Messenger5. Novelty6. Fake7. With/Against8. Baby Flys9. Nothin' To Say10. Atonement For The CursedReleased originally in 2006 by Farewell Records and Network Of Friends.Band split up in January 1st, 2017.Praise the Kings of Punk!IF THE SOUND IS A LITTLE MESSED UP, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY COMENTING THE VIDEO, I'LL APPRECIATE IT.Also visit my Death & Thrash page in facebook for free downloads!YOU ARE OR YOU KNOW THE OWNER OF THIS SONG AND YOU WANT ME TO PUT DOWN THIS VIDEO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS, JUST TELL ME AND I'LL DELETE IT IF YOU WANT SO-------

Dullahan Dulla

I feel you.. but its just hair.. its not you..

Denis Does some bullshitting stuff

Sneaker shopping with Stephen Curry pls

Billy Xu

@TheCutieGirl1936 its real grandma

Thumbnail: uses scissors



Jakob Bruun

Awesome video! You thinking of doing a video with a film franchise? (Like Indiana Jones or Star wars)

Ollies Channel

This is definitely one of the best youtube channels in youtube history


Lol panda fell


Igor Bechtlufft

This is too meta, I don't think I can handle it.


I didn't know penguins did 69


yes, because nothing says i love you by putting the first letter in there name with blood and bullet holes

prinki jindal

Bro who is that panda

jenship chanel

Xin chào mà đây là game hả

Alex Vicente

idk how people can dislike this video its clearly real amazing stuff


# team coby

Bella Smith

Am I the only one who thought this was a tad bit scary

Wtf you didn't change at all you are still a bish

Coco Cat28

tbh i wouldnt have forgiven her



fallon hm.

Personally I do not like Twice, but I loved this concept completely. Stream Twice Breakthrough!

Liam Connell

Should film with Frank Lampard or Stevie G. Both play in the US now

Guido Wachel


Guðni Kristinn Bergsson

Is mgs:pp coming soon?

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Nathan Zusman

Sorry about you n yur dad

Erik Levy

Rip old guy 😢


Puma Stands for


That haircut gives me anxiety

funnehfan4eva oof

What about your brother?🤨😕😔

Victoria Kulinski

1- I got a dig bick2- You that read wrong3- You read that wrong too4- You checked5- You smiled7- You’re wondering why you’re this still reading this8- You saw that mistake right? (On 7)10 But did you see that I skipped 6?10- You checked11- And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 912- I said saw you, not you saw! (On 15)13- I also skipped 214- You checked15 You resized got you tricked16- You saw that mistake? (On 15)17- I’m just wasting your time at this point18- have good a day19- you saw that mistake on 18?20- I said “have good a day” not have a good day21- You checked23- you thought I was finished but I’m not24- but did you see that I skipped 22?25- You checked 27- if you made it this far I deserve a like28- I skipped 26

Coleman Jeter

I see a bunch of fake ass comments on here y'all all bashed on KD for the past 3-4 years and now feel bad for him fuck all y'all man


h3h3's intro music makes me happy!

Juan villegas

Duke winning

Justice Greene

Hit after Hit

Black Heart

7:07 made me laugh so much my cheeks hurt now

it's like middle school all over again..

Mayadupaincheng 3

I cried while watching this because i have anorexia as well💔

Lexie L

Tammy 1 or Tammy 2?

Sports Tail

dp no hate but when’s the next episode coming out

Wyatt Nelson

World Record Edition was my favorite. Thanks. Pound it. Noggin.

Sphynx 180

I could of had some basketballs

Lucian Wong

"we're finally here, episode "69?" " i know what u mean gurukid :p :3. :D

Coo Coo Owl

yo ty ,I looooooooovvvvvvvvveeee the mowhawk 😘🚜🐦.You should probably shave code's beard off while he is sleeping.👉😁

Johan Thorstenson

Rework the magic system and im sold

So after 12 years living in that country, we moved to a country that is known as Finland. the language was very hard to learn, everything was new. i was not comfortable. seeing people with different hair colours, new words, new weathers etc. when i turned 13, i was starting to have this, anxiety and depression attack because of the new things and school projects and other issues. I know everyone always say "13 years old dont have depressions" but i did. i had to see 2 therapists in a year, nurses from mental illness hospital, psychologists. On valentine 2018, i was hurt. depression attacked me. i went to shower because i thought i could calm myself down. but i cut myself instead

Raina Patel

These guys have the best job in the world


Team Coby all the way!!!!!!