Top 10 Most Memorable David Letterman Moments

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Ez Ejsik Kochanie

Craig xen make this song shit

Thomas The Dank Engine

Am I the only one who didn't get scared by this and thought that it was funny

Abinav Prasanna

The graphics look pretty outdated and mainly black widow

Agent 5

Where is ty

Fuegos 721

I love DP!!

weridy Rachel

My mom and dad are always mad like when I cry they yell at me and they won't forgive me because I'm annoying they don't ask how was school they don't care for me. My parents are lazy they get me just for a soda and when I say why can't u g st it for yourself it's like 2 feet away then they scream at me saying that I'm being a bad example to God. My parents don't pay attention to me when I say look at the grade I got in school I got a 70% and there always just going to ask who got the highest and if I didn't then they will say that there disappointed in me. My parents r very Mormon and if they ever found out that I accept the gay then I feel like they won't accept me as there child

Stefano grillo

Ciao minutevideos non so se questo video siano presi da storie vere ma fai bene a fare questi video perché molta gente ha bisogno di sapere di sapere com'è il mondo è sapere che c'è gente a cui serve aiuto.😞quindi ti prego continua cosi

Gabriel Santos

I have no tears

Calijo Ferguson

FYI, i have 2 nieces and a nephew on the way. My sister in law didn’t have bad sickness with the girls but with the boy she did.... so basically what I’m trying to say is... ITS DEF A BOY!

Leny Show

keep this shitty game for yourself...we want real Capitan Amerika, real Iron man, real Thor....this actors and this shitty graphic is just horrible.....YOU HAVE ONE JOB..ONE JOB..AND YOU FAILD....

Hernan Cortex

RD 2D is the new illuminati

Nicole Day

I'm going to watch this so many times


Dude Perfect vs All Day Basketball? That would be good.

ItzRIZZYS Gaming

I wish I could join the react channel, I'd have so much fun 😀😄

8 minutes long

Prickled Cactuus77

Film with Rob Gronkowski

Junior Miramontes

is that Tom Brady

The Gaming Reaper

He looks like ZHC

Said Seyda

Mate you deserve a better house than jake paul tbh.. i hope u will get what you deserve.... Did you think about doing vlogs or something? That would be pretty cool , i mean we all love your videos and the humor that you put into those videos so i dont think we wouldnt mind if you doing other kind of videos like a vlog perhaps. For example this keyboard guy that you possibly know , hes just like you imo. Doesnt uploading regulary , has got a humor that everyone loves , making fun of himself as well and he likes video games . Just search for "when you are a classic pianist but listen to hip hop" you guys are pretty similar 😂

Liam Carrion


Gavin Tonkel

bro that's one strong ass bat to hit a basketball that far and that hard

Moose Knuckle Incorporated

Felt like I was listening to perfect pint

1. Make your friend under you

Jyothi Kovela

Who is pada

Neal McGonigle

Coach Jason garret should draft him!

Katherine Dumeng

Well said Steph 🤘🙏


Chuck Norris did that................twice.

Maximilian Schoch

The gta one was so sad 😪

Caleb L

LMAO when u realise that they did it over 50 or 49 times LMAO

Meagan Fischer

That sucks